Creators of Don Dada AR Art Show Partner with Meta Spark to Represent Caribbean

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Creators of AR art show, Don Dada, have partnered with Meta Spark as two of the featured artists in the Caribbean. Bonito Thompson, artist and Founder of Don Dada, and Alexia James, VP of marketing and strategic partnerships, both share their AR expertise to thousands of creators.

Meta Spark is the AR platform that hundreds of thousands of creators use to build AR experiences across Meta’s family of apps and devices. The platform also enables the public to explore free online courses and training programs that can help build a career in augmented reality. Segmented into three categories—Quick Start, AR Fundamentals, and AR Pro—the courses range from beginner to advanced. Creators who complete all courses and pass the exam will earn a Spark AR certification that will substantiate their mastery.

Don Dada, the AR art show that originated in Jamaica, has started its global tour with an upcoming show in Miami during Art Basel this December. Thompson will showcase 10 pieces with his quintessential vibrant colors and each piece will convey its mission, to amplify Jamaican and Caribbean stories through art globally. It will be interactive, a conversation starter, and highlight the concept of movement.

As a seasoned artist working with top brands including Red Stripe, Common/Damian Marley and the Port Authority of Jamaica (PAJ), Thompson’s videos are geared to the more advanced creators as he shares how he uses Spark and AR. James has a background as a global marketer and her courses are for beginners as she shares the ins and outs of how creators can monetize AR.

Thompson says, “I couldn’t be more excited about this partnership as I’m hoping the creators can learn from my experiences. I’ve been so fortunate to have had amazing mentors throughout my life and now being given the opportunity to not only mentor but represent the Caribbean is truly an honor.”

James adds, “Being your client’s ‘expert’ on all things AR is still a relatively new technology though it has been out for some time, so it’s important to be extremely versed in the tech, so you are that guide to all things AR for your clients. As they will have many questions and you should be fully equipped to not only answer them but guide them along the way.”


Brooke Cockrell

Creative Pitch Group

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