Clix, Multi-Platform Streamer, Raises $10 Million Series A Funding

Ex-Amazon Leader, Robert Frederick, Joins As Exec Tech Advisor

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Clix120MILLHH–Clix Inc., the free multi-platform streamer at the intersection of entertainment and technology, available in 120 million digital television homes, announced today it has raised $10 million Series A funding from private investors. To advance its media innovation and consumer engagement, Clix has appointed former Amazon Anywhere and AWS architect and technical co-founder Robert Frederick as Executive Technology Advisor.

“Robert is a forward-thinking product and consumer technology leader who will fast-track Clix’s streaming experience for viewers and advertisers taking our business to the next level of success across the media marketplace,” said Clix Inc. CEO and Founder, Ed Sullivan. “We’re thrilled that Robert brings his Sirqul digital team of ex- Amazon, Disney, Facebook, Sirius/XM, and Microsoft software developers and user experience experts to bolster the Clix team’s technology vision for mobile, web and linear Clix channels.”

Reflecting on Clix’s future growth plans, Robert Frederick said, “In the mid-90’s, while working at the MIT Media Lab, before working at Amazon, I joined a team that pioneered web-based, interactive cinema and television projects. These experiences were social, viral, and compelling in ways that still have not been seen on the most popular streaming platforms to date. As a future-driven technologist that has always envisioned the intersection of personalized content, integrated shopping experiences, and live entertainment, Clix has the potential to benefit from lots of untapped business opportunities across the multi-platform ecosystem of consumer marketing and entertainment.”

Clix streams to more than 100 million online viewers monthly with distribution on every screen for mobile, web and home consumption: along with the company’s web, iOS and Android distribution, Clix is available on over 80 long-form linear channels on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, IMDb TV, Box One, LG Smart TV, and all Plex TV channels. It features original entertainment, lifestyle, humor and sports programming from award-winning producers as well as emerging talent. Clix also serves as a value-driven guide to the top performing streaming entertainment series and movies across networks and media companies.

“Clix is allied with the leading stakeholders in the streaming wars pointing consumers to watch what and where they wish,” said Stacy Jolna, Clix Inc. Chief Marketing Officer and founder, and a former top executive at TiVo, CNN, and TV Guide/Newscorp. “Our market differentiator: we are consumer connectors in an overwhelming sea of content and products. Our business model thrives because we are agnostic facilitators, using advanced technology to bring together entertainment-hungry fans with the best of Hollywood and Madison Avenue; emerging talent with the most exciting new products; and undiscovered as well as fan-favorite entertainment with leading streaming platforms across the marketplace.”

According to a recent report in Fortune Business Insights, the global video streaming market size is expected to grow from its current $419 billion to more than $942.93 billion by 2028.¹

“Our focus is delivering content that becomes easy ritual-viewing on any device, any screen, anywhere because our audiences are proactive fans and pop culture aficionados who are active on social media,” said Patricia Sullivan, founder and Chief Creative Officer. “Clix is showcasing original productions like `Celebrity Sweat,’ `Expensive Tastes,’ `The Mom List,’ `Shondar the Lion Prince,’ and top `Now Streaming’ movies and series quick peeks. We look to delight and ignite dialogue so that our viewers become part of our programming landscape – an essential extension to the stories we tell on all platforms.”

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Clix Leadership Team

Edward M. Sullivan is Clix founder and CEO. He is a recipient of multiple Emmy and Telly Awards for his entertainment industry marketing and branding as head of Pittard-Sullivan, which launched and re-launched over 200 channels worldwide, including CBS, ABC, Fox, HBO, Discovery Communications, and DirecTV. Sullivan was a catalyst in driving viewers to specific programs and networks for distributors, studios, content creators, and advertisers. His company also worked closely with Jolna on developing the brand and network-like interface for personal video recorder company TiVo and Microsoft’s WebTV.

Stacy Jolna, founder and Chief Marketing Officer, is the recipient of multiple News & Documentary Emmy Awards, the Cannes Lion and the Peabody Award. He has stood at the crossroads of media and technology for three decades. As a founding executive team member of TiVo, another successful industry disrupter, Jolna helped propel the company from concept to successful IPO and billion dollar market capitalization. He served as Chief Marketing Officer building the iconic TiVo brand and running point on investments by nearly every major media company. He served as SVP and General Manager of News Corp/TV Guide’s Digital TV Group. A successful broadcast journalism executive prior to going digital, at Time Warner/CNN he was Senior V.P. and Senior Executive Producer for Special Reports and launched award-winning “CNN Presents.”

Patricia Sullivan, founder and Chief Creative Officer, is an award-winning entertainment industry entrepreneur who built several production and post-production companies from concept to multi-million dollar exits. A veteran Hollywood producer, her innovative productions helped launch networks and TV shows globally. Patricia has created movie trailers driving opening weekend box office revenues beyond the $100 million mark for studios such as Disney. Patricia’s work has been honored with top awards including ATAS (Emmy), NY Film Festival, Monitor, Belding, BDA, Houston Film Festival, Gracie and Telly.

Bill Bradham, founder and Business Development Officer, leads Investors Relations for Clix. He is a veteran business advisor and strategist, successfully counseling over 250 small, medium and large companies. Counseling Protron Electronics, the Company drove revenues of $800 million in worldwide sales in its first fiscal year. Proficient in knowledge of how to grow a company’s business via effective market research, marketing, branding and sales programs, Bill builds teams, negotiates and raises funds. Bradham has negotiated over $13 billion in business contracts, raised over $600 million for various business ventures, and over $130 million for various national charitable causes.

About Clix, Inc.

Clix is a multi-platform streaming company at the intersection of entertainment, technology and e-commerce. It is free and reaches 120 million digital television homes, and streams to more than 100 million online viewers monthly. It has distribution on every screen for mobile, web and home consumption: along with the company’s web, iOS and Android distribution. Clix is carried on over 80 long-form linear channels on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, IMDb TV, Box One, LG Smart TV, and all Plex TV channels. It features original entertainment, lifestyle, humor and sports programming from award-winning producers as well as emerging talent. Clix features social media influencers, celebrity athletes, chefs, comedians, eSports commentators, adventurers, and more. Its range of content spans Hot Trends, Extreme Sports, Fashion & Lifestyle, Travel & Adventure, Funny, Food & Wellness, Fitness, Kids Stuff, and more. Clix is also a promotional champion of top series and movies on major streaming platforms, making it simpler for viewers to find what they want to watch and subscribe to leading streaming services. Clix is an immersive, direct-to-consumer brand experience where viewers can watch, shop and earn Clix cash rewards redeemable for brand products or for charities they support.


¹ “Video Streaming Market Share to Touch USD 932.29 Billion by 2028,” Fortune Business Insights, 12-15-2021.


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