Clarinox Brings Embedded Wireless Connectivity to Actronika’s Skinetic Haptic Vest to Create Immersive Experiences for Virtual Reality

Power-efficient, integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi tech stack transfers massive amounts of data reliably between wearable tech and VR systems in real time, simplifying complex development.

MELBOURNE, Australia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Bluetooth–Clarinox, an embedded wireless software provider, today announced Actronika, a leading supplier of high-definition haptics, has integrated their high-performance wireless connectivity solution into their Skinetic haptic vest to create immersive sensory experiences for the wearer. Actronika uses haptic technology to create tactile sensations, allowing users to feel digital interactions. The collaboration shows how small, power-efficient wireless technologies enable new types of immersive gaming experiences.

Clarinox created a custom high-performance wireless connectivity solution that combines Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies seamlessly to achieve smooth and reliable connectivity. ClarinoxBlue and ClarinoxWiFi protocol stacks served as the backbone of the solution. The Actronika Skinetic vest runs on an NXP i.MX RT1050 chipset featuring 512 KB of SRAM in conjunction with an NXP 88W8977 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth system-on-chip (SoC). Clarinox engineers skilfully delivered all requested functionalities and overcame memory limitations, notably achieving the integration of WPA3 security in a final package size of 168 KB.

“Our ClarinoxBlue and ClarinoxWiFi protocol stacks provide embedded developers with a comprehensive solution for wireless connectivity that supports both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi,” said Trish Messiter, CEO, Clarinox. “Built by engineers for engineers, this wireless middleware enables developers to easily connect and communicate with other devices, sensors, and networks, providing opportunities for innovative embedded systems.”

The wireless Skinetic haptic vest from Actronika creates an immersive sensory experience by producing vibrations that people use to understand a virtual environment. The vibrations create tactile illusions that people interpret as touch—from the pitter-patter of raindrops to the reverberation of an explosion. Wireless connectivity to the vest increases ease of use and enhances the visceral, tactile experiences created by game developers, training professionals, and artists.

“Working with Clarinox shortened development timelines dramatically, alleviated the previously time-consuming task of merging separate wireless stacks, and enabled the engineers on my team to focus on our haptic technology,” said Hugo Bouchard, the software team lead at Actronika. “The modular design of the Clarinox solutions streamlined an otherwise complex integration process and technical support from Clarinox, including customized solutions and debugging tools, enabled us to swiftly resolve issues and optimize our Skinetic vest.”

Clarinox is available to meet, discuss, and demo ClarinoxBlue and ClarinoxWiFi connectivity products at Embedded World 2024, April 9-11, in Nuremberg, Germany. To arrange a meeting with a wireless connectivity expert, contact Clarinox at

About Clarinox: 

Clarinox is a leading provider of wireless software stacks for embedded systems. The company is committed to providing developers with powerful and flexible software and tools for creating innovative and efficient embedded systems. For more information, please visit our website at

About Actronika: 

Actronika is a leading supplier of high-definition haptics that redefine how humans interact with Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI). Headquartered in Paris, Actronika was the first startup to be awarded the prestigious Palme d’Or des Nouvelles Technologies by the Committee of France. The company received the CES Innovation Award in 2023 for the Skinetic vest, which was also named among TIME’s Best Inventions in 2022 and selected as a finalist in the VR Awards 2023.


Amy Foschetti

HCI Marketing and Communications, Inc.

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