Blue Goji Acquires Interactive Fitness Holdings and Accompanying Assets of Expresso and CyberCycle Exercise Bikes

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Blue Goji® announced that it has acquired the assets and intellectual property of fellow health and wellness technology company Interactive Fitness Holdings (IFH). Through this acquisition, Blue Goji will manage Expresso and CyberCycle exercise bikes.

This announcement comes as Blue Goji is expanding its offerings to complement the Infinity treadmill system and existing GojiPlay® and GojiCare® services, the company said.

“Expresso bikes were the first, original connected cardio equipment! Many of their innovative features – interactive games, virtual trails with steering, shifting and dynamic resistance, and its community-building tournaments – continue to lead the market today. Pairing Expresso Bikes with GojiPlay and CyberCycle Bikes with GojiCare will bring unprecedented innovations and game-changing opportunities to our joint customers. We can’t wait to showcase our GojiPlay- and GojiCare-enabled products, and to share our new plan with existing IFH customers,” Blue Goji CEO Coleman Fung shared.

With Infinity, Expresso, and CyberCycle, Blue Goji will continue to revolutionize fitness as well as rehabilitation and new preventive health services with engaging, interactive, and safe GojiPlay and GojiCare services and products. Expresso will be enhanced with GojiPlay games, a growing collection of 10+ 2D (non-VR) and 8+ VR, including custom and third-party games. CyberCycle will get the benefits of GojiCare or GojiPlay, depending on client requirements. “With GojiCare, our customers can leverage our patented and patent-pending services and analytics for their clients’ rehabilitation and brain health needs,” Fung added.

“There’s a deep commitment of financial and intellectual resources that Blue Goji brings to the table that’s truly user-centric. And the Blue Goji story or mission is a ‘game changer’ for our partners across the globe. Everything Blue Goji is creating and stands for represents a compelling, new movement that the industry should be excited about,” said Mark Urlage, Chief Revenue Officer / VP of Global Sales in a statement.

IFH executives and staff are thrilled to join the Blue Goji team. The company has committed to providing the resources needed to support IFH’s existing partners and end-users, and honor IFH’s original warranties and support services. Blue Goji is taking on this responsibility immediately. The company wants to assure existing IFH customers and end-users that service will continue and only improve from here on out.

Continued growth and development for all assets are planned to continue without delay. For more information, visit

About Blue Goji

Blue Goji is a health and wellness technology company that was started with a simple mission: gamification of health. Since then, the company and many others have learned that such an ideal or vision is much more complicated and difficult to achieve. However, unlike most companies, Blue Goji has continued investing in significant R&D efforts, including collaborations with researchers, clinical doctors, scientists, and students from a diverse group of universities and clinical clients. As a result, the company has created a bleeding-edge, one-of-a-kind platform – the foundation for both GojiPlay and GojiCare services – consisting of a HIPAA-compliant backend supporting many interactive games as well as engagement, community-building, and disease-management tools, a robust set of data analytics, an extensive collection of 2D and VR (Virtual Reality) games and game-like diagnostic and therapeutic “gamelets,” (not to mention its capability of adopting and supporting popular 3rd-party games), as well as its unique, patented Infinity treadmill. And with the addition of Expresso and CyberCycle Bikes, Blue Goji will now serve the widest range of clients and end-users, regardless of age, gender, or physical condition.

During the company’s challenging but rewarding development journey, Blue Goji has come to another simple realization: achieving good health and well-being goes beyond just exercising. To truly achieve good health, we need to be mindful of our physical as well as our brain health! Unsurprisingly, our neurons are very similar to our muscle cells that they can be trained or conditioned because of its well-known malleability commonly known as neuroplasticity. In addition, neural networks – how neurons are connected – play a critical role when it comes to brain health. Finally, recent research studies have highlighted another important discovery: cardio activities are most effective in promoting neurogenesis, even in older adults! Therefore, Blue Goji believes that the best strategy of achieving and maintaining good health is to infuse cognitive challenges into our physical activities or vice versa. In fact, we can witness such embodiments in awe when we watch professional athletes or Olympians perform. However, for the mere mortals living in this stressful modern world, most of us do not have the time and resources to get to this ideal, embodied state of being. This challenge or opportunity essentially reaffirms Blue Goji’s original mission: gamification of health or, more precisely, embodied gaming!


Kyra Constam, Senior Marketing Associate for Blue Goji

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