Blendification’s Virtual Strategy Consultant Taps into AI Steve Jobs for a Glimpse into Apple’s Strategic Direction

BOULDER, Colo., Oct. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Blendification released the Virtual Strategy Consultant, an inventive product that blends human intelligence and artificial intelligence. With its debut, the Virtual Consultant engaged an AI representation of the iconic Steve Jobs to delve into Apple’s strategic compass, revealing key recommendations and echoing Jobs’ visionary spirit – click to view AI Steve Jobs’ recommended strategic direction for Apple.

AI Steve Jobs, embodying Apple’s ethos of innovation and relentless pursuit of excellence, pinpointed external influences like supply chain disturbances, augmented reality potential, resource scarcity, and geopolitical shifts that could mold Apple’s future course. While praising the firm’s many strengths, he identified high expectations and cultural integration as areas of potential weakness. At its core, he reaffirmed Apple’s strategic cornerstone of ‘Quality,’ underscored by innovation, emphasizing integrated design and engineering as a core competency.

To navigate the future, AI Steve offered insights for Apple:

Customers: Forge deeper personal ties using augmented reality.
Product: Place AI at the heart of all product evolutions.
Operations: Champion automation investments.
People: Foster smaller, autonomous teams to fuel innovation and agility.

Crafted using sophisticated generative AI and LLMs, the Virtual Strategy Consultant translates vast consultant knowledge into actionable strategies using the Strategy Whiteboard. Dan Bruder, CEO and Co-founder of Blendification said, “Through the Virtual Strategy Consultant, we’ve increased participation in company planning, making it not only accessible but also affordable for everyone in the organization. When individuals have a hand in crafting the future, their commitment to its success is unparalleled. Our goal is to ensure that every team member not only sees the roadmap but also feels empowered to be a vital part of the journey.” – Dan Bruder, CEO and Co-founder of Blendification.

Virtual Strategy Consultant Highlights:

  • Consultative Employee Strategy Interviews (AI conducted): Engage efficiently with staff for invaluable feedback, with AI playing the consultant role.
  • Analysis and Interpretation: AI-powered analysis tools synthesize vast amounts of employee input.
  • Automated Strategy Whiteboard: Converting insights into a straightforward, actionable strategic framework.

Virtual Strategy Consultant Benefits:

  • Invigorates employees’ role in strategy formulation, planning, and implementation.
  • Expedite decision-making, boosting operational efficiency and business outcomes.
  • Decrease the cost of strategic planning by approximately 90% over traditional methods.
  • Agile strategy implementation with widespread ownership.
  • Harmonized organizational focus across all levels.

Reflecting on the AI Steve Jobs simulation, Bruder added, “When we used the Virtual Strategy Consultant with AI Steve Jobs, it worked great. But its real power is in bringing everyone’s ideas together to make an efficient and effective plan. In practice, the answers come from employees, not AI, creating a wealth of information that is analyzed and interpreted by AI.”

In essence, Blendification’s Virtual Strategy Consultant is set to redefine the realm of strategic planning for companies of all sizes. Now, the depth of consultant knowledge extends beyond the boardroom, reaching every corner of an organization.

About Blendification

Blendification is dedicated to shaping the workplace into a catalyst for pursuing human potential. Leveraging the prowess of advanced generative AI/LLMs, we offer cutting-edge software tools for meticulous strategic planning and effective implementation. Our flagship products – the Virtual Strategy Consultant and Strategy Whiteboard software – empower businesses with a seamless digital framework that is intuitively designed for self-implementation.

For individuals and employees, the Personal Whiteboard application acts as a beacon for personal growth at work and in all areas of life. Understanding that businesses may occasionally need hands-on guidance, Blendification further complements its software suite with a comprehensive strategic planning and employee growth workshop platform.

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