Bitmagic Launches Public Test for AI-based Game Creation Platform

HELSINKI, Nov. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Bitmagic today announced that their generative AI -based game development platform is now available for public access via a closed alpha program. The Bitmagic platform is the first system in the world that allows creating fully playable games with a single prompt.

Bitmagic creates a game concept, builds a background story and creates an immersive 3D world around the story. It designs gameplay mechanics and adds gameplay elements to the world, resulting in a fully playable game that provides 15-30 minutes of gameplay. The Bitmagic engine provides beautiful graphics, nature simulation with weather, animals, and seasons as well as full physics.

Bitmagic is built on a vision that anyone can be a game developer. Every gamer has ideas of what type of game they would like to create. Bitmagic allows creating games by describing what type of game the user wants to create. The games the platform creates look and play as professionally created products. The creator can continue to edit the game by describing what changes or additions they want to make – it’s just like having a professional game designer sitting next to you, implementing your vision. These games are currently limited in scope, and the available styles are limited to 3rd person, character driven games, but the range of possibilities will increase with monthly updates over the next 12 months.

Jani Penttinen, CEO and co-founder of Bitmagic explains: “There are over 3 billion gamers in the world, but all the games available today have been built by a fairly small group of around 200 000 professional game developers, most of whom are white, middle-aged men. Creating games has always been difficult, and due to the skills required, it has remained an artform for a select few. Bitmagic will democratize game development. Once we have millions of people creating games they want to play, we will have an amazing variety of games that have never been seen before. Bitmagic will do to game development what YouTube and Netflix have done for video production”

Bitmagic is a grande vision, but as of today it is no longer just a dream. The platform is now available for use at Initially, the access is limited but new users are being added gradually. To queue up for access, creators will need to join the Bitmagic Discord server.

The Bitmagic platform is currently available for Windows as a single-player experience. Support for iOS and Android will be added next year, along with multiplayer gameplay.

Bitmagic is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. It is owned by its founders and early stage investors. The team behind Bitmagic has been building games and game engines for the past 30 years.

Jani Penttinen

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