Banuba Helped sMedio Deliver a Video Calling App for a Fortune 500 Company

DUBAI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ARdevelopment–sMedio, a major software development company from Japan, integrated Banuba AR Face Filters SDK in the video conferencing app it made for a major electronics manufacturer. By the end of 2023, this app will have been installed on 500,000 devices, intended for business use.

sMedio developed the core functionality while Banuba provided the technologies for face touch-up and background replacement. These features are a must-have in a modern video calling application:

  • Professional look. Virtual backgrounds prevent embarrassing situations like children and pets walking in during a video call. Only the person in front of the camera is visible, everything else can be replaced by a static picture, a GIF, a video, or a 3D environment.
  • Alleviating anxiety. Many people are self-conscious about their appearance. Face touch-up inconspicuously removes skin imperfections, whitens teeth, cancels out camera distortions, and otherwise helps users look their best during a call.

Developing these features from scratch would require specialized knowledge. Moreover, it would require additional time and would significantly increase the costs of the final product. Using Banuba Face AR SDK was a more economical decision.

“Banuba provided high-quality products, proven technology, and solid support, leading us to make our OEM customer’s products competitive in a limited time and cost,” Sadanori Iwamoto, CEO of sMedio, Inc. said.

About sMedio

sMedio (3913:Tokyo) is a Japanese company that specializes in software for consumer electronics and portable devices. Its main focus lies in multimedia and wireless connectivity technologies. sMedio is a respected player in the market, having secured contracts with several Fortune 500 companies.

About Banuba

Banuba is an augmented reality company with over 7 years on the market, pioneering face tracking, virtual try-on, and virtual background technologies. Besides online try-on solutions for makeup, headwear, jewelry, glasses, and more, it offers a Face filters SDK and Video Editor SDK – ready-made modules to apply effects and edit videos.


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