Baltimore-based Techstars Equitech Accelerator Names Startups in New Cohort

Ten Early-Stage Entrepreneurs To Engage In An Immersive Baltimore Program Advancing An Inclusive Innovation Economy

BALTIMORE, Jan. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Techstars Equitech Accelerator announces ten early-stage companies selected to participate in a three-month immersive accelerator program. The new cohort marks the second startup class spanning verticals and industries with emerging tech solutions. Hailing from Baltimore and cities across the nation, each founder will benefit from access to capital, business development and high-tier mentorship.

Parallel with Techstars’ global ethos, the accelerator will foster high-growth startups that are grounded in the values of diversity, led by founders from underestimated communities, or developing technologies that increase access and equity. The program boasts a wealth of global success from startups who have experienced the definitive model that redefines equity, access, and belonging across tech startups and non-tech scaleups.

Led by Managing Director, Adam Phillips, who brings legal, business and deep-knowledge investment experience; the accelerator is a collaboration between Techstars, the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed, and UpSurge Baltimore, an organization that envisions building the country’s first Equitech city while cultivating a tech-for-all ecosystem in Baltimore. Harnessing the creative ingenuity of Baltimoreans and beyond, leaders throughout the City of Baltimore are aligning to build an inclusive innovation economy led by this alliance.

“The future belongs to creative builders and smart risk-takers so we’re excited to announce the Techstars Equitech Accelerator’s second class of ten early-stage companies,” Phillip states. “This was an extremely competitive application process that has produced an impressive group of high-growth, tech and tech-enabled companies that we have the privilege of working with for the next thirteen weeks.”

Mentorship is a distinguishing value of the program. Individuals with deep, industry investment or entrepreneurship experience such as Delali Dzirasa, Founder/CEO of Fearless and Christy Wyskiel, Executive Director of Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures are among the expanding Baltimore network that will serve this year’s cohort.

Throughout the thirteen-week program, Techstars Equitech Accelerator will be focused on the needs of a diverse company portfolio and the significant mentors who will help accelerate each founder’s business success. The program will culminate on April 6, 2023 with “Demo Day”, a public showcase attended by potential investors, stakeholders and community members.


  • BlackHedge (Jacksonville, FL) – a mobile investing app that enhances the trading experience for end users with artificial intelligence and data analytics.
  • CyDeploy Inc. (Baltimore, MD) – an automated testing system that enables security and functional testing and changes without disrupting operations. 
  • TechRow (New York, NY) – an immersive media network that is reimagining education by making augmented and virtual reality learning experiences accessible to all students. 
  • THE MOST Inc. (Washington, DC) – a marketplace and hub for natural hair enthusiasts that provides tech-forward, all-in-one styling solutions for the textured hair care market. 
  • Vectech Inc. (Baltimore, MD) – an AI diagnostic entomology system to identify damaging insects that spread disease and cause agricultural or economic loss. 
  • ReBokeh Vision Technologies (Baltimore, MD) – an app-based assistive technology system for people with moderate vision impairments that allows them to personalize how they see the world. 
  • Frontline Gig (Norfolk, VA) – an on-demand, gig staffing platform that helps cities to respond to clean-ups and green jobs faster using AI and hourly workers. 
  • Sanitas Health, Inc (Los Angeles, CA) – a behavioral health platform designed to make mental health services radically accessible and inclusive for BIPOC and low-income populations. 
  • Divaneering Lab Inc. (Baltimore, MD) – a beauty-tech hair drying device that provides an efficient method to drying detached hairpieces without damaging heat.   
  • Pickups Technologies Inc. (Brooklyn, NY) – a hyperlocal supply chain partner for retailers and shipping carriers that enables them to sustainably optimize their fulfillment and delivery capabilities. 

The Techstars worldwide network helps entrepreneurs succeed. Founded in 2006, Techstars began with three simple ideas—entrepreneurs create a better future for everyone, collaboration drives innovation, and great ideas can come from anywhere. Now Techstars is on a mission to enable every person on the planet to contribute to, and benefit from, the success of entrepreneurs. In addition to operating accelerator programs and venture capital funds, Techstars does this by connecting startups, investors, corporations, and cities to help build thriving startup communities. Techstars has invested in more than 3,100 companies with a combined market cap of approximately $156 billion.

UpSurge Baltimore is mobilizing Baltimore’s unparalleled entrepreneurial assets into a leading US innovation city, and the country’s first Equitech city. a top-tier tech city where diverse entrepreneurs found transformative companies; where the tech workforce of the future is growing up in our neighborhoods; where prosperity is shared across every Zip code; where the technologies reshaping society are born. UpSurge helps to launch, support, grow and celebrate high-impact startups. UpSurge is also developing strategies to attract new companies, talent and capital to Baltimore.

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