Beyond Color.

The Revolution of Finishing.

Online Session hosted by Mazze Aderhold
Wednesday, September 16th
10am Los Angeles | 1pm New York | 7pm Berlin

What is this online event about?

In this online session, Leandro Marini of Imperial Creative will go over the problems of modern DI-workflows and how to solve them by minimizing the back and forth with clients utilizing SCRATCH’s biggest strengths: Realtime color & comp, remote & live streaming and integration of other tools right into the workflow. Leandro will show a recent project, on which he approached color and vfx finishing simultaneously in realtime via remote, from concept art through the finished sequence.

This webinar will not be SCRATCH-only – Leandro will also show how to integrate

After Effects efficiently into the workflow to support SCRATCH in advanced vfx workflows, bringing the strength of both tools together into the finished film.

The event is free for all attendees.

The content is designed for colorists and finishing artists.

We will also record the event for you to watch later.

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