ArborXR Partners With Axon in Major Deployment of VR for Public Safety Training

SILICON VALLEY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ArborXR, the leading enterprise AR/VR device management and content distribution platform, is teaming up with Axon, the global leader in connected public safety technologies, to deploy VR training technology. This partnership will enable Axon to remotely deploy software updates and add new public safety training content to agencies’ HTC VIVE Focus 3 headsets powered by ArborXR across North America.

“VR is rapidly growing, and this announcement is big news for the entire AR/VR industry. We’re excited to partner with Axon to build a comprehensive solution for VR on a large scale, in what is anticipated to be one of the largest VR deployments to date,” says ArborXR CEO and Co-Founder Brad Scoggin. “ArborXR will serve as the backbone for Axon’s virtual reality-based public safety training across North America. We are honored to help Axon provide a best-in-class VR experience.”

ArborXR’s software enables Axon to deploy training content, support and troubleshoot customer deployments to ensure a consistent user experience. Additionally, ArborXR provides an array of user experiences and highly sought after features for deploying and managing a fleet of headsets. By boosting the capability to scale the solution, ArborXR’s involvement helps Axon fulfill its mission to protect life.

“Axon’s VR Simulator provides officers with more access to what they need most: training on how to best interact with the community, de-escalate effectively, and support individuals in crisis. To scale this effort, we needed to simplify how customers receive and access content, helping reduce obstacles for agencies adopting VR,” says Robert Murphy, Axon’s Senior Director of VR. “Our partnership with ArborXR will ensure a secure and seamless deployment of training content to our customers across the globe.”

When combined with a secure, powerful VR headset like the VIVE Focus 3, agencies are able to experience immersive, world-class training at scale, quickly and effectively.

“We’re honored to support Axon’s mission to protect life with our newest and most powerful all-in-one headset, the VIVE Focus 3. Thanks to Axon’s impressive content and ArborXR’s seamless deployment, more agencies nationwide will be able to benefit from the highly immersive training experience that only cutting-edge VR can offer,” said Amir Khorram, AVP of Enterprise Sales at HTC VIVE.

ArborXR offers solutions for enterprise companies and VR/AR providers looking to scale and provide a frictionless extended reality (XR) experience. ArborXR currently manages thousands of devices for Fortune 500 companies, small to medium-sized businesses, hundreds of independent software vendors, and more. To learn more about ArborXR, Axon, or HTC VIVE, visit, or


Demery Pennington

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