ANNOUNCING DPOP Studios’ Man With AI Movie Camera – the first feature-length film series to be generated on a single long-form prompt – dropping on SuperRare 12/18/23 at 12:00pm EST

NEW YORK, Dec. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — From internationally acclaimed filmmaker Dan Sickles and DPOP Studios, comes Man With AI Movie Camera, a cinematic innovation that employs groundbreaking AI tools to re-envision the radical 1929 film Man With a Movie Camera, directed by Dziga Vertov. Man With AI Movie Camera is an homage to – and interrogation of – Vertov’s cinematic masterpiece and is the first feature-length film series to use a single long-form prompt, which will generate 480 unique iterations of Vertov’s original film to be revealed on SuperRare throughout 2024.

This project serves as a model for how AI can function as an equitable public good for creative production. Dan Sickles

“In 2018, as a thought experiment, I drafted a shot-for-shot description of the film Man with a Movie Camera with the intention of making an adaptation for the modern era.
In 2021, as AI generative tools became more available, I began to experiment with the idea that it might be possible to generate a feature-length film using AI that reflected the original.
In 2023, along with a team of creative-technologists, we’ve discovered how to do just that.”
                                                                                                                   – Dan Sickles

Man With AI Movie Camera is the first artistic initiative of its kind to embrace several new open-source principles. The series is created in collaboration with Stability AI’s open-source models (Dreamstudio, ClipDrop and Stable Audio), implementing Filecoin Foundation‘s decentralized storage systems, and relying on Giza Technology‘s zero-knowledge proof cryptography to authenticate the provenance of AI operations. Together with Mirage Gallery AI, DPOP is designing a viewing platform for the series as it is revealed throughout 2024.

“This project serves as a model for how artistic creations can be reliably linked back to open-source models, fostering AI as an equitable public good for creative production,” says Sickles.

Each iteration of the film is generated from a prompt created by the artist that describes Vertov’s original film shot-for-shot with the exact timing to match the frame. The prompt is trained on a data set curated by the artist to give each iteration a distinct aesthetic while retaining the length and essence of each shot to mirror the original film.

The sale for the Man With AI Movie Camera collection goes live on SuperRare on December 18, 2023 at 12pm EST for 24 hours to allowlisted crypto wallet addresses, after which, the sale will open to the public. Each mint will be revealed individually throughout 2024.

Man With AI Movie Camera embodies both reflection and progress, a playful experimentation, then and now, inviting audiences to witness the fusion of classic cinema with future-forward technology. Mirrors of one another, each film is distinct in the collection and speaks within the larger chorus.”– Dan Sickles

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From DPOP Studios, Dan Sickles and Bruce Thierry Cheung comes the first ever feature-length film series to be generated from a single long-form prompt, Man With AI Movie Camera, an homage to a cinematic masterpiece, interrogated using new creative technologies to produce 480 unique iterations.

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