Ann Arbor-based Oberon Technologies® Delivers Apple Vision Pro Application for Clean Energy Provider

Oberon Technologies® has designed an Apple Vision Pro commercial application to help ensure employee safety and improve training efficiency

ANN ARBOR, Mich.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AugmentedReality–For leading experts in virtual reality technology and the energy sector, the Apple Vision Pro price tag is a small price to pay for a more effective and safe way to train workers in hazardous environments. In collaboration with independent, non-profit energy R&D institute EPRI, Ann Arbor-based Oberon Technologies® has developed a spatial computing application for use with the Apple Vision Pro. The application provides a more efficient and safe way to train and orient employees for work in nuclear facilities without the associated risk to themselves, the facilities, or the surrounding communities.

Oberon Technologies® has provided VR applications to clients for years, helping customers to capture and convert tribal knowledge into fully immersive virtual experiences that enable faster onboarding and higher levels of knowledge retention, as well as optimizing safety for those undergoing training. “Our enterprise clients recognize the numerous benefits beyond safety during training. The immersive environments allow users to experience in minutes what may take years to encounter and perfect in the field,” said Scott Allen, CIO of Oberon Technologies®. “The clarity and interactivity of the environment possible within the Apple Vision Pro provides a more realistic experience for trainees, increasing retention rates and recall. We have all seen the gaming capabilities using Apple’s technology. We believe leveraging the same immersive, spatial environment at a corporate level will be a game changer for the industrial enterprise clients that we support,” Allen added.

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