3Play Media and Brightcove Partner on Video Accessibility

The partnership enables Brightcove customers to request video captioning and other services from within the Brightcove platform

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#accessibility–3Play Media, the world’s leading media accessibility platform, announced today an expanded partnership with Brightcove (NASDAQ: BCOV), the world’s most trusted streaming technology, that allows customers to access and order services – including closed captioning, live captions, audio description, and video localization services – from directly within their existing video production workflow. This powerful new combination of Brightcove and 3Play Media enables brands and businesses to make their video content more accessible to all audiences, using premium technology and professional expertise to assist in achieving international accessibility standards.

Brightcove’s selection of 3Play Media solidifies the media accessibility platform’s position as the proven leader in accessibility for enterprise organizations. “Accessibility is a crucial element in ensuring video content is inclusive and easily consumable by everyone, especially as companies scale to reach wider, diverse audiences,” shared David Beck, Chief Strategy and Corporate Development Officer at Brightcove. “As a global leading video technology platform, we made it a priority to provide our customers with the tools to ensure their video content is accessible. Partnering with premium accessibility platform 3Play Media will provide our customers with an easier, in-platform option to assist with their inclusion efforts and regional legal requirements while providing the best video experience for their viewers.”

Companies are prioritizing accessibility as more brands voluntarily commit to increasing the reach of their content while developing better, more accessible experiences for all their audiences. Furthermore, legal compliance is another factor motivating brands and businesses as they incorporate accessibility features into their catalogs of content and as they publish new content.

For customers, this reseller partnership simplifies video accessibility. By integrating directly with Brightcove customers’ existing workflow, 3Play Media brings accessibility to the content production process – the new workflow simplifies the process so it is seamless for video services and marketing teams.

“Brightcove and 3Play Media have a long history together, but with this new facet of our partnership, we aim to be at the forefront of video accessibility, simplifying and making more efficient the steps companies need to take to ensure their content is accessible and comprehensible for all audiences,” Josh Miller, Co-CEO, 3Play Media, said. “3Play Media’s core services are now available directly from the Brightcove platform, seamlessly integrating into the existing user experience. Our partnership increases the value of video investments by increasing search engine optimization (SEO), brand recall, viewer engagement, focus, and comprehension.”

About 3Play Media

3Play Media is an integrated video accessibility platform with patented solutions for closed captioning, transcription, live captioning, audio description, and subtitling. 3Play Media combines machine learning (ML) and automatic speech recognition (ASR) with human review to provide innovative, highly accurate services. Customers span multiple industries, including media & entertainment, corporate, e-commerce, fitness, higher education, government, and e-learning. In 2022, 3Play Media acquired Captionmax and NCC, extending their support for broadcast, post-production, and Canadian markets.

About Brightcove Inc.

Brightcove creates the world’s most reliable, scalable, and secure streaming technology solutions to build a greater connection between companies and their audiences, no matter where they are or on which devices they consume content. In more than 60 countries, Brightcove’s intelligent video platform enables businesses to sell to customers more effectively, media leaders to stream and monetize content more reliably, and every organization to communicate with team members more powerfully. With two Technology and Engineering Emmy® Awards for innovation, uptime that consistently leads the industry, and unmatched scalability, we continuously push the boundaries of what video can do. Follow LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Visit www.brightcove.com.


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