Xsolla Introduces Safe and Secure Solution to Manage Worldwide Influencer Payouts for Developers of All Sizes

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#gamedev–Xsolla, the video game commerce company powered by Transaction Engine and Business Engine to help developers and publishers market, sell, connect and optimize their games globally, today introduced its Influencer Payouts solution that allows developers to easily manage safe and secure payouts to influencers who promote their games.

Xsolla’s new Influencer Payouts solution empowers developers from indie to enterprise-level with a convenient and efficient tool that can automate performance-based payments to content creators utilizing a tiered structure that can quickly be customized and scaled to reach influencers at all levels around the world.

Developers can choose from multiple options for influencers, such as revenue sharing based on the number of views, direct sales, or the number of hours watched. Meanwhile, Xsolla handles digital management for secure payouts and screening and vetting of potential influencers. Additionally, this robust yet easy-to-use tool handles legal aspects and compliance in all regions.

The Influencer Payouts solution was successfully deployed by KRAFTON, Inc, the creators of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and the upcoming PUBG: NEW STATE. By attributing sales and activations to specific influencers through Creator Tags and Xsolla’s Partner Network program, these streams have resulted in direct profit, with revenue passed on to the content creators via Influencer Payouts.

“Working with influencers has become an integral part of today’s video game marketing,” said Chris Hewish, President of Xsolla. “However, managing these relationships and finding ways to share revenue has been challenging for developers. With Xsolla’s Influencer Payouts solution, we have streamlined and automated that process so that game creators and studios at any level can focus on creativity and game development.”

Features of Xsolla’s Influencer Payouts solution include:

  • Performance-based payouts to influencers all over the world
  • Customization and flexibility based on developer needs
  • Xsolla handles all legal aspects of negotiations with influencers, along with screening and vetting
  • Works across games on multiple platforms: mobile, PC, web, console
  • Available in six languages: English, Russian, German, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese
  • No upfront costs

To learn more about Xsolla’s Influencer Payouts Solution, visit: https://xsolla.pro/influencer-payouts

About Xsolla:

Xsolla is the video game commerce company, powered by Transaction Engine and Business Engine, that helps developers and publishers market, sell, connect and optimize their games globally. Serving only the video game industry, the Xsolla Transaction Engine powers the full suite of cloud-based tools to promote and monetize projects, while Xsolla Business Engine provides clients with the roadmap to maximize those tools, and connect them with industry partnerships to expand their business. The two work seamlessly together — for businesses of all sizes, from indie to enterprise — to solve the complexities of distribution, marketing and monetization so they can increase their audience, sales and revenue. Headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices worldwide, Xsolla operates as a merchant and seller of record for major gaming entities like Valve, Twitch, Roblox, Ubisoft, Epic Games and KRAFTON. For more information, please visit www.xsolla.com.


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