We added Hedge to integrate the fastest offload & backup tool

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We have some exciting news to share: We’ve been working with our friends at Hedge to integrate the fastest offload & backup tool into the Assimilate Camera to Post workflow. With the latest release of Hedge, it is possible to automatically create a new timeline in SCRATCH and import offloaded footage into it, right after Hedge finishes the backup process. This will save about a zillion clicks in a DIT’s life!

See below all the details you need to know!

Meet DIT Pack+

Of course we took the next step right away and are now offering a permanent Hedge license as part of DIT Pack+! So now the fastest Camera to Post workflow just added the fastest offload & backup tool in the market.

DIT Pack+ features 3 tightly integrated applications, providing everything a DIT needs on-set:

– Live Looks for live grading

– Hedge for Offload and Backup

– SCRATCH for Dailies Transcoding and Reporting

And all that at an unbeatable price of $149 per month, $899 per year or $1499 for a permanent license! If you have any questions, contact sales@assimilateinc.com.

Read more about Hedge, the bundle and how to set it up in this blog post!

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Hedge & SCRATCH Setup

We have made a quick little video tutorial to show you how to setup the link between Hedge and SCRATCH – it’s literally done within seconds. All you have to do is tell Hedge which project to populate, which file types to consider and what naming conventions to use – done! More info here. The integration between Hedge and SCRATCH is macOS-only at the moment with the Windows version following later this summer.
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SCRATCH added to Cameras + Formats app

With the latest release, SCRATCH has been added to the compatibility tool of the Cameras + Formats app! If you don’t know that app yet, go and check it out – it’s an incredibly useful utility for any DIT, DP or post professional.

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