VRgineers With Škoda JS Testing Revolutionary Fata Morgana AR and VR Teleportation

PRAGUE, Nov. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — XTAL, virtual reality headset for professionals invented by a Czech-American company VRgineers is now part of the Fata Morgana Project. Revolutionary technology combining AR and VR and allows virtual teleportation and share a remote locations all over the world.

With Fata Morgana software, you can now be anywhere in the world instantaneously. Fata Morgana allows you create a virtual copy of the physical environment in real time and share it with multiple users (remote experts) across the world. This gives you the ability to communicate with them at a specific location, regardless of their geographical location. Virtual tools allow you to measure, share data in physical space and a copy of it, as well as embed augmented 3D and other models in both environments.

Technology developed by Czech start-up Pocket Virtuality on the hardware side is complemented by VR headset XTAL and AR headset Microsoft Hololens. Fata Morgana can be used in a wide range of industries from energetics and construction, through the chemical or automotive industries to rescue systems, allowing multiple people to work together in one place in short time and at low cost.

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On the one hand, for example, a power plant employee in MS Hololens headset goes through a physical environment that is automatically reconstructed in 3D and transmitted to servers. They process the acquired data and create a virtual copy of that environment into which an unlimited number of “remote experts” from different parts of the world can enter. All connected users (in VR and physical environment) then see each other’s “avatars”.

The system works both online and offline and also allows asynchronous communication in case of poor internet connection or necessity of cooperation in different time zones.

With a user-friendly environment, you can directly in a shared virtual reality:

  • copy and paste images and videos
  • compare, measure and interact with colleagues in a real time
  • take notes, write messages, track tasks and chat with colleagues
  • select, insert and compare blueprints and 3D models to the VR environment

On the other side of the World a remote coordinators can in VR headset for example XTAL from VRgineers manage, monitor and record user activity. The holographic tables offer a perfect overview of a communications and a shared virtual environment.


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