Voxware to Showcase Latest Voice Automation Innovations Throughout ProMat DX

Availability of Natural Language Voice Recognition engine, Supply Chain Analytics and Advancements with Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence among the highlights

HAMILTON, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ARVoxware, a leading provider of cloud-based voice software and analytics solutions for the supply chain, will feature a number of innovations to its industry-leading Voice Management Suite (VMS) throughout ProMat DX (April 12-16, 2021). Additionally, Voxware will be hosting two educational seminars featuring two of its customers, as well as a product demo video of VoxPilot®, its supply chain analytics solution.

Introducing VoxTempo

As part of the latest advancements to Voxware’s software, Voxware is debuting VoxTempo®, its Natural Language Voice Recognition engine which optimizes warehouse worker productivity through shortened dialogue and rapid onboarding.

VoxTempo provides a more streamlined and user-friendly alternative to how voice recognition has previously been deployed in voice systems. Additionally, VoxTempo delivers far superior accuracy than the traditional speaker dependent or independent model used in industrial environments as well as popular consumer models utilizing similar technology.

To help mark the unveiling of VoxTempo, Voxware released a new video case study in conjunction with one of its customers, Frontier Distributing, a pet specialty retailer serving more than 700 customers in the Midwest. Frontier has relied on Voxware’s software for nearly five years and has seen their accuracy increase to more than 99 percent.

VoxPilot – Supply Chain Analytics

As the need to increase throughput and achieve maximum accuracy in the warehouse continues to be a top priority for supply chain leaders, analytics have never been more important than they are today. Voxware is dedicated to pushing analytics technology forward and further optimizing what distribution centers are capable of achieving.

On Tuesday, April 13 (2:45pm ET – 3:00pm ET), Voxware will showcase an element of VoxPilot. Attendees will see real-time dashboards with both tactical and strategic use cases for the warehouse floor and the management office. They will get to see how Voxware helps customers capture and combine information from data sources inside and outside the supply chain, for both minute-by-minute decision making and long-term planning. Following the product demo, Voxware solution design experts will be available for a Q&A session through the chat functionality.

Image Recognition and Artificial Intelligence

Voxware is currently working with a distribution center to push the potential of Augmented Reality, image recognition and AI to new and exciting levels. The implications of such breakthrough technologies will mean significant improvements in picking accuracy and reduction of the workforce required to perform inventory audits. Its use in the distribution center environment is straightforward: the picker takes a photo of an item, the algorithm cross-references the photo with an image library and then accepts or rejects the selection.

However, due to constraints in a bustling distribution center environment, the algorithm must be smart enough to compare a potentially deficient picture with a quality image and still generate the correct instructions. To accomplish such accuracy, the algorithm must be trained using a variety of images for each item to be validated.

AI’s potential for distribution center performance improvements coupled with its exponential growth means that we will see it in use with growing frequency, and Voxware is at the forefront of its development. Be sure to schedule a time to meet with a Voxware representative to learn more about the work being done in this area and the impacts it could have for your organization.

ProMat DX Educational Seminars

Voxware will also be hosting two educational seminars during ProMat DX. Following each 20-minute presentation, the virtual format allows speakers to be on-hand ‘live’ after the session to answer any questions attendees might have through the chat functionality.

  • Monday, April 12 (10:00am ET – 10:30am ET) featuring John Cooper, Head of Supply Chain for Belron UK, Ltd. John’s session will help decision-makers better understand how the benefits of investing in Cloud-based technologies, from both a technological and economic perspective can lead to better business outcomes. Additionally, attendees will learn how voice automation positively impacted the organization and the role it played to help meet customer demand.
  • Wednesday, April 14 (2:30pm ET – 3:00pm ET) featuring Rafael Moreno, CTO, Ballester Hermanos, Inc. Rafael will share his playbook for how to successfully implement a multimodal voice automation solution. It’s his goal to have attendees walk away with the understanding and confidence that optimizing their own distribution operations is easier to execute than imagined.

To meet with a Voxware representative during ProMat DX, simply visit the Voxware Sponsor Showcase or connect with us through our website.

About Voxware

Voxware offers technology solutions that deliver essential supply chain information exactly when and where it’s needed, optimizing the speed, accuracy and efficiency of distribution operations. Its product suite includes both warehouse automation and analytics solutions uniquely focused on distribution functions. With these solutions, companies reach an unprecedented understanding of how best to manage their operations, improving profitability by reducing costs and exceeding customer expectations. For more information, please visit www.voxware.com.


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