Virtualitics Announces Release of VIP 2020

AI-driven data visualization software offers new graphs and actionable insights at industry-leading speed

PASADENA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Virtualitics, Inc. – a leading data analytics company specializing in machine learning, artificial intelligence and 3D visualization – today announced the next major release of its flagship product, Virtualitics Immersive Platform® (VIP). VIP 2020 enables users in a wide range of industries and government agencies to obtain actionable insights from complex data faster and with greater accuracy than they can with any other software on the market.

The cornerstone feature of VIP 2020 is its “Network Graph” package. This capability allows users to automatically build interactive reports on trends, anomalies, and relationships living in your unstructured data. With our state-of-the-art algorithms, Virtualitics is able to render 3D visualizations of network graphs and compute insights that range from 10 to 100 times faster than other tools on the market.

Ciro Donalek, CTO and co-founder of Virtualitics, said, “Working with unstructured data has been a pain point for business intelligence software users – until now. Virtualitics is the first software that offers a suite of analytics and visualization tools that are complete, easy-to-use and can render results in 3D. This translates into actionable insights within seconds.”

VIP 2020 offers additional upgrades designed to enhance and streamline the user experience for both desktop and Virtual Reality users. The software now includes a column calculator, full control over colors and playback for compelling story-telling, tools to clean up data before running analyses and connectors to all major data sources. As a result of our patented technology, it delivers faster plotting, particularly for larger datasets. Further optimization and revised user interface make running machine learning routines easier for all users, regardless of their analytic background. The collaboration across desktop and VR allows multiple users to analyze data together in real time.

“With VIP 2020, Virtualitics is revolutionizing the data analytics market,” said Michael Amori, CEO and co-founder of Virtualitics. “Our Fortune 500 and government clients will continue to benefit from VIP’s blend of features that emphasize innovation, usability and speed.”

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About Virtualitics

Virtualitics, Inc. is a data analytics and visualization company based in Pasadena, California that merges artificial intelligence and virtual reality to gain intuitive insights from big and complex data. Its flagship product, VIP – Virtualitics Immersive Platform®, is a state-of-the-art data analytics platform available to enterprise customers in both desktop and VR. It enables enterprises to easily uncover key actionable insights in their data through a combination of machine learning and advanced visualization. The patented technology is based on a decade of research at the California Institute of Technology and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Virtualitics also offers expert advisory services in machine learning, boasting a team of Caltech-trained data scientists, skilled software engineers, designers, and UX specialists. Included among the company’s clients are Moody’s, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Daimler, U.S. Department of Defense, Nestle and University of Southern California.

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