Veritone® Announces Agreement That Enables Carson Entertainment Group to License and Distribute Content Through Digital Media Hub™

Veritone’s Digital Media Hub Hosts the Entire Library of ‘The
Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson,’ Enabling Greater Accessibility for

COSTA MESA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Veritone Inc. (Nasdaq: VERI), the creator of the world’s first operating
system for artificial intelligence, aiWARE™, today announced an
agreement with Carson Entertainment Group (CEG) to use Veritone’s
digital asset portal, Digital Media Hub, to archive and license clips
from the Johnny Carson Show’s 30-year history. Veritone added Digital
Media Hub to its product offerings through its acquisition of Wazee
Digital in August 2018.

CEG is the television licensing company established by Johnny Carson in
1981 to control the rights to “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.”
The entire Carson library of television episodes from 1962 through 1992
— 3,900 hours of programming — has been painstakingly cataloged,
transcribed, and synced to timecodes for licensing through CEG. Digital
Media Hub will provide an online, searchable platform for licensing and
distributing these assets through the cloud to anyone with permission.

“We have 30 years of late-night television in our library, and after
being off the air for 26 years now, there’s still a tremendous amount of
demand for it, especially from the broadcast industry. As the industry
evolves, we must evolve too,” said Jeff Sotzing, president, CEG.
“Digital Media Hub takes large television and film libraries and makes
them accessible — and will bring our company’s licensing operation into
the here and now. The new platform will not only be great for our
customers, but it will also make our business more visible and easier to
find, which in turn will generate more sales.”

At CEG, Digital Media Hub will replace a 10-year-old online licensing
platform that has served the company well but has not kept pace with
customers’ evolving needs. The new Digital Media Hub will meet several
key requirements, including accessibility across all platforms, a richer
and more intuitive user experience, and more robust search capabilities.

With Digital Media Hub, licensed customers will be able to access the
site, search and watch clips, make selections, and request pricing, all
from a mobile device or the desktop. An all-new search experience will
enable users to search across the entire video library for guests and
phrases in a transcript, and find the clips that are most valuable to
them, much faster and easier than the legacy system. A key improvement
is an advanced and easy-to-use media player, which makes the process of
marking specific points in a video clip smooth and precise.

“Being able to search a transcript of each show and find something very
quickly is a major benefit of this search engine,” Sotzing said. “For
example, if a client is doing a story about Michael Jackson, they can
not only find the segments of the show that Michael Jackson performed
on, but also go into the transcript and find out what people said about
him during the show. For producers and researchers, that’s an invaluable

Veritone worked with CEG to configure the company’s new Digital Media
Hub to their branding specs and migrate 75 terabytes of assets from the
current CEG website to the new Digital Media Hub site.

“Digital Media Hub is the only turnkey product that delivers the user
experience CEG requires, is fully configurable to their brand, and is
cost-effective,” said Robin Melhuish, director of customer solutions for
Veritone. “Through our platform, CEG and similar rights holders get a
branded licensing portal that can be configured to fit their business
needs. It offers an intuitive digital asset management portal in the
cloud that makes it possible for rights holders to control and monetize
their most valuable video assets directly.”

About Veritone

Veritone (Nasdaq: VERI) is a leading provider of artificial intelligence
(AI) technology and solutions. The company’s proprietary operating
system, aiWARE™, orchestrates an expanding ecosystem of machine learning
models to transform audio, video and other data sources into actionable
intelligence. aiWARE can be deployed in a number of environments and
configurations to meet customers’ needs. Its open architecture enables
customers in the media and entertainment, legal and compliance, and
government sectors to easily deploy applications that leverage the power
of AI to dramatically improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.
Veritone is headquartered in Costa Mesa, California with over 300
employees, and has offices in Denver, London, New York, San Diego, and
Seattle. To learn more, visit

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