Uber, Subspace and Hilton, Among Others, to Present at the DE-CIX North American Interconnection Summit

The Virtual Summit is supported by QTS Data Centers, 1025Connect, DartPoints, PacketFabric, and Seaborn, representing the North American networking and data center market

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#25years–DE-CIX, the world’s leading Internet Exchange operator, has just announced their North American Virtual Summit, taking place on December 16 at 12pm ET. The DE-CIX North American Interconnection Summit 2020 will be broadcasted online in virtual reality. Following this year’s motto, “a digital world, for everything, for everyone,” the meeting will bring together professionals and experts from leading North American data center and networking companies including QTS Datacenters, 1025Connect, DartPoints, PacketFabric and Seaborn, together with major enterprise companies Uber, Subspace and Hilton, among others, to discuss the impact of digitalization on companies’ business models, its impact on interconnection services, and the role of North America on the global interconnection map.

Recognizing the impact of Covid-19 on our global infrastructure, DE-CIX will share insights about the pandemic’s effect on interconnection services, specifically the increased demand for applications and platforms such as video conferencing, streaming video platforms, mobility services, and online gaming. Partners and participating companies will provide insights and share their thoughts about the changes they are experiencing across the digital ecosystem and how the industry has worked to adapt capabilities and services to deliver a consistently reliable and scalable digital infrastructure.

“The North American Interconnection Summit continues our virtual roadshow, following the success of our Madrid Interconnection Summit held in November 2020, this time with a focus on North America. The global pandemic has impacted the worldwide digital ecosystem in both expected and unexpected ways, fostering innovation and adaptability of our digital infrastructure faster and with more expediency than we’ve ever experienced. We have compiled some of the best enterprise, data center and networking companies to communicate their experiences and how their businesses are adapting to these changes, and the important role North America plays in enabling communications for everyone, everywhere,” says Ivo Ivanov, CEO of DE-CIX International.

North American Interconnection – Virtual Reality – Summit

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the DE-CIX North American Interconnection Summit will be held in a virtual reality setting. DE-CIX and its production partner have designed a virtual arena where the speakers will present on a 3D digital stage.

The event will feature 14 industry experts, who will address the evolution of the North American interconnection market and highlight its strategic location for Internet and data communications. From sponsoring companies, DE-CIX will be joined by Sean Baillie, Executive Vice President Global Connectivity Ecosystems and Services at QTS Datacenters; Hunter Newby, partner at 1025Connect; Scott Willis, CEO at DartPoints; Jezzibell Gilmore, co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer at PacketFabric; and Andy Bax, COO at Seaborn.

Other event speakers and participants include Christian Koch, Product Manager at Digital Realty; Vinay Kanitkar, CTO at Akamai; Jason Black, Director of Network Development at Subspace; Scott Brown of the RVA-IX, Michael Leidinger, Senior Vice President and CIO at Hilton; Bob Gill, Research Vice President at Gartner; and Sarah Keller, Director, Technology Sourcing and Supply Chain at Uber.

Since its North American debut in 2014, DE-CIX’s carrier and data center neutral interconnection solutions have improved network performance throughout the New York and Dallas metro markets. Today, New York ranks among the top five IXs in North America, with over 260 connected networks. DE-CIX Dallas, launched in 2016, is now among the top 20 IXs in North America, with over 90 connected networks. DE-CIX North America continues to grow, reporting new traffic peak records – exceeding 200 Gbps in Dallas, and reaching over 900 Gbps in New York.

The DE-CIX North American Interconnection Summit will be broadcasted live on December 16 at 12:00pm ET. DE-CIX will be announcing breaking news during the one-hour virtual event and encourages participation to be among the first to hear the exciting announcement.

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About DE-CIX

DE-CIX is one of the world’s leading operators of Internet Exchanges, and this year is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Taken into operation in 1995, DE-CIX in Frankfurt, Germany, with a data throughput of more than 10 Terabits per second (Tbps) and over 1000 connected networks, is one of the largest Internet Exchanges in the world. In total, in its 25 locations in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America, DE-CIX provides over 2100 network operators, Internet service providers (ISPs) and content providers from more than 100 countries with peering and interconnection services. The connected customer capacity of all DE-CIX locations worldwide exceeds 65 Terabits. Further information at www.de-cix.net.


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