Two Bit Circus to Host GamesBeat Summit 2019

GamesBeat’s LA Conference to be held at World’s First Micro-Amusement

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Two Bit Circus, the world’s first Micro-Amusement Park™ located in the
Downtown Los Angeles Arts District, is hosting GamesBeat
Summit 2019
. To be held on April 23 and April 24, GamesBeat Summit
will bring together the hottest game developers and publishers, as well
as industry CEOs, executives, marketers and venture capitalists. The
spotlight of this year’s GamesBeat Summit will focus on building and
enabling the communities that boost the staying power and hit status of

Two Bit Circus provides the latest in immersive entertainment, including
multi-person virtual reality, narrative-based escape/story rooms, indie
arcades, an interactive game show theater, a full restaurant/bar and
more, making it the perfect location to gather the gaming industry.

“We’ll be taking full advantage of the environment by integrating
contests and team play for all to participate in,” acclaimed video games
journalist Dean Takahashi wrote in his VentureBeat
about the event.

Located in Downtown LA’s Art District, Two Bit Circus is offering a
space for creative innovation in an area centered on arts and
technology. Two Bit Circus serves as a platform for interactive
entertainment and games, bringing developers and players alike into one
engaging environment. The GamesBeat Summit theme this year is Building
Gaming Communities, or establishing sustainable, positive gaming in the
industry, and Two Bit Circus is poised to aid in those efforts.

“We look forward to hosting the event and hearing game developers’
creative takes on the future of gaming,” Brent Bushnell, CEO of Two Bit
Circus, said. “From advances in VR/AR to immersive theater experiences
and everything in between, the technology behind gaming and its social
landscape are changing. And what better way to explore those concepts
than at a gaming destination?”


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What is a Micro-Amusement Park, you ask?

It is a brand new type of social playspace. In the freshly redesigned
building, Two Bit Circus brings people of all ages together,
elbow-to-elbow, to play amid an ever-changing landscape of immersive

About Two Bit Circus

Based in Los Angeles, Two Bit Circus is a community of entertainment and
engineering enthusiasts who combine a love of technology with [mad]
invention in pursuit of the future of fun. The company just opened the
world’s first micro-amusement park–38,000 square feet of fun–which fuses
the latest immersive technology with the wonder and spectacle of a
classic circus and carnival. The park is a platform to showcase
best-in-class immersive entertainment from all over the world, and is
filled with unexpected social experiences that bring people together
elbow-to-elbow to play, eat, and drink.

Designed for maximum social impact, Two Bit Circus supports a parallel
nonprofit organization, Two Bit Circus Foundation. Its mission is to
cultivate the next generation of inventors, advance environmental
stewardship, and spur community engagement by providing schools and
youths of all means with access to hands-on STEAM learning.

For more information, visit
or follow @TwoBitCircus.


104 West for Two Bit Circus
Alissa Bushnell / Allison Heard

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