Trapcode Suite 16 and Magic Bullet Suite 14 Arrive in Red Giant Complete and Maxon One

FRIEDRICHSORF, Germany, Nov. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Today, Maxon announced, for the first time ever, two major new suite updates at once: Red Giant Trapcode Suite 16 and Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 14. Updates to Trapcode Suite – a set of 11 tools for particle simulation and 3D effects for motion graphics and VFX – include new physics models, behaviors and a new type of emitter in Trapcode Particular, plus smaller updates to Trapcode Form and Trapcode Mir. Magic Bullet Suite 14 – a set of seven tools for color correction, finishing and film looks – includes new color workflows and powerful tools in Magic Bullet Looks and Magic Bullet Colorista.

Trapcode Suite 16 and Magic Bullet Suite 14 are also included as part of both the Red Giant Complete and Maxon One product bundles. Subscribing customers will enjoy significant enhancements to the creative workflow these upgrades offer. Customers with an older version of Trapcode Suite or an individual Trapcode product, are encouraged to contact Maxon for special upgrade pricing and options.

“Red Giant Trapcode Suite and Magic Bullet Suite are two of the industry’s most beloved sets of filmmaking tools,” states David McGavran, Maxon CEO. “From dazzling motion graphics and visual effects conceived with Trapcode Particular, to gorgeous film looks created with Magic Bullet Looks or finished in Magic Bullet Colorista, these suites have become indispensable tools for creatives.”

What’s New In Trapcode Suite 16

TRAPCODE PARTICULAR 5. Trapcode Particular is a tool for creating organic 3D particle effects and complex motion graphics elements in After Effects. Particular’s powerful Designer lets users quickly create particle effects that work with multiple systems in the same 3D space, bring particles to life with organic behaviors, and run physics simulations, like fluid dynamics. Particular makes it easy to add natural effects and 3D Object-based emitters to work

Here’s what’s new:

  • Emit from Parent – Particular’s new ‘Emit From Parent System’ makes it possible to have particles that emit complete emitters. Easily set up emitter chains, or have multiple systems emit from one source.
  • Physics: Air & Bounce Together – For the first time ever, combine air and bounce physics for the most realistic, complex effects ever offered in Particular.
  • Physics: Environment – The Environment category houses external forces like Gravity, Air Turbulence and the new Wind effect – a force that is now responsive to the mass, size, and air resistance of particles. Define different aspects of the Air Turbulence around your system to affect particle Position and Orientation/Spin.
  • Behaviors: Flocking/Swarming – Particular’s powerful new Flocking simulation tools include automatic behaviors that take particle animation to a new level. Use Attract and Separate tools to define how much the particles want to be near each other.
  • Behaviors: Meander – The new Meander behavior allows individual particles to wander about like people in a shopping mall or to have variances in speed like cars in different lanes of traffic. Meander can also be used to create complex group motion when combined with other features and behaviors, such as Flocking.
  • Even more additions, including the ability to add up to 16 emitters in the same 3D space, a new Velocity Over Life Tool, over 75 new presets, and C4D file import.

TRAPCODE FORM AND MIR. Thanks to Cineware, both Trapcode Form and Mir now include Cinema 4D input, which works in different ways, since each plug-in has a different function. Visit the Red Giant Complete page to learn more.

  • Cinema 4D File Import in Form – Use .c4d file 3D geometry as particle objects. Supported Geometry properties include: animation, normals, and transformations (rotation, position/translation and scaling).
  • Cinema 4D File Import in Mir – Use .c4d file 3D geometry as Mir 3D objects. Supported Geometry properties include: animation, normals, texture coordinates and transformations (rotation, position/translation and scaling).

Learn more about what’s new in Trapcode Suite 16 and how to update on the Red Giant blog.

What’s New In Magic Bullet Suite 14

MAGIC BULLET LOOKS 5. Red Giant’s tool for color correction and cinematic looks, Magic Bullet Looks is the easiest, most powerful way to make video look great. With over 300 fully-customizable presets to get started, an intuitive set of tools for creating unique color grades, and both input and output color handling, Magic Bullet looks fits right into any real-time color workflow.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Color Handling – Looks 5 includes a wide range of new color input and output transforms ensuring consistency, quality and flexibility when color correcting and creating deliverables.
  • Huenity – This powerful new tool makes it possible to simplify the color palette by customizing a range of hues, with a slick, intuitive UI for defining the desired area of effect.
  • Color Remap – The first tool of its kind, Color Remap is a color corrector that allows editors to easily map any color to any other color. Perfectly match client color palettes, conform shots using a color chart, or explore infinite creative options. As colors remap, creatives can see results in a 3D color cube, and easily pin down colors they don’t want to change, making Color Remap the most powerful color tool ever built by Red Giant.
  • LUT Browser – The brand-new LUT Browser provides a sleek workflow allowing for any number of Lookup Tables to be imported, previewed on a thumbnail of footage, and applied with ease for an endless library of LUTs. Import LUT packages, dailies LUTs, or LUTs created with Colorista (a new feature in Colorista V).
  • Even more additions, including over 100 new Looks presets, a Looks Preset Search tool, and Tangent support – a top user request.

MAGIC BULLET COLORISTA V. Magic Bullet Colorista V brings streamlined, professional color correction directly to the editing timeline. Colorista offers powerful and essential tools needed to correct and refine the color in any shot. Along with Guided Color Correction, an integrated Adobe Panel and brand new powerful LUT workflow, Colorista V gives creatives access to everything they need for a professional grade.

Here’s what’s new:

  • LUT Browser – Import and preview LUTs over a thumbnail of footage, and expand the library of LUTs indefinitely. Import LUT packages, dailies LUTs, or LUTs created with Colorista’s new LUT generation tool, and make them part of your everyday professional color workflow.
  • A New Color Engine Built for HDR – Colorista has always been a great HDR color corrector. With Colorista V, Red Giant overhauled the render engine with new Highlight and Shadow Region controls, improved 3-way correction, and added an all-new Clarity control. A new Highlight Boost control makes it easy to upgrade any video to HDR, while the new Saturation EQ enables control of color curves with far fewer clicks.
  • Saturation EQ – Take control of image saturation like never before. Colorista’s powerful new Saturation EQ tools gives filmmakers a unique and powerful way to control saturation across different “bands” of lightness or saturation in footage. Use Saturation EQ to desaturate just the highlights or shadows or to inject color into less saturated areas while removing saturation from colors that feel too intense.

Learn more about what’s new in Magic Bullet Suite 14 and how to update on the Red Giant blog.

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