TransLumen Technologies Contract with Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC) provides innovative support for FAA Air Traffic Controller Training with ATCGO v1.0 Casual-Style Serious-Games Rollout

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ATCGO–TransLumen Technologies today announced the completion and delivery of a set of casual-style serious-games (CSSG) as part of the Science Applications International Corp. (NYSE: SAIC) Controller Training Contract (CTC) that includes the development of distributed mobile serious gaming apps to support the FAA air traffic controller training program.

Working with FAA and SAIC subject matter experts, TransLumen Technologies developed the ATCGO game-based application to offer virtual environments that mirror complex real-world situational cues to challenge air traffic control trainees to react to variable conditions in the airspace.

“ATCGO (pronounced ATC go) version 1.0 Casual-Style Serious-Games (CSSG) supports FAA Air Traffic Controller (ATC) training by engaging the user’s cognitive processes to achieve higher levels of accomplishment leading to improved skills retention,” commented TransLumen’s Founder and CEO/CTO, Douglas Siefken. “TransLumen is committed to providing cutting edge innovation in gamification, building upon our patented technologies and proprietary methods to further improve scanning, scene perception and situational awareness for faster anomaly detection and visual memory reinforcement to improve a trainee’s ability to identify subtle temporal environmental changes.”

TransLumen’s traditional serious-game (SG) offerings emphasize a virtual training environment that mirrors complex real-world situational cues, leading to improved occupational competencies. By introducing casual-style (CS) game play, TransLumen provides a more engaging approach to serious gaming with an emphasis on repetition, similar to “Candy Crush” to assist in building a trainee’s proficiency and expertise. Through this emphasis TransLumen further stimulates the trainee’s recall ability for high fidelity simulators and operational environments in the aerospace industry.

TransLumen’s mobile based training, through gamification apps, is delivered through tablets, browsers and/or desktop versions that can be distributed to a diverse trainee population anytime and anywhere.

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A leading global information technology and software company TransLumen Technologies competencies include mobile casual-style serious-games, visualization for advanced visual alarms and alerts, and dynamic reporting tools using augmented reality/virtual reality/and 3D modeling to advance the Human Computer Interface (HCI). Incorporated in February 2000, TransLumen is a Certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and maintains registered US patents #6,433,839 and #6,580,466, and Canadian Patent #CA 2,404,292, traditionally applied through FAA, NASA, DOI, Homeland Security, US Navy, aerospace and industrial contracts and grants. For more information, go to


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