TITAN Haptics Launches Next-Gen Haptic Motors with Bundled License from Immersion

TITAN Haptics launches the latest haptic motor technology for smartphones, and the industry’s first bundled motor licensing from Immersion (NASDAQ:IMMR).

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#haptics–Nanoport today launches a new company, TITAN Haptics, as the first technology to graduate from the Nanoport R&D Lab. TITAN Haptics will build on the advantages of patented Linear Magnetic Ram (LMR) technology in an all-new line of smartphone haptic motors that come bundled with the industry’s first licensed IP portfolio from Immersion (NASDAQ:IMMR).

TITAN Haptics’ miniature motors enjoy the features and benefits of LMR motor technology in a portable form factor ideal for smartphones, wearables and handheld game consoles. Compared to other haptic motors, LMRs provide 20x the dynamic range and 2x the reliability at competitive price points.

Like HD for audio and video, it’s time for touch to get an HD upgrade,” says Tim Szeto, founder of TITAN Haptics. “LMR motors enable elevated experiences in gaming, music, augmented reality, and virtual buttons on smartphones and other exciting upcoming products.”

As an industry first, TITAN will also offer comprehensive IP bundling with its haptic motors. A groundbreaking product developed over 3 years with haptic technology company Immersion, TITAN Haptics’ licensed motor products will streamline the process of introducing advanced haptic capabilities in smartphones and wearable devices.

The Linear Magnetic Ram technology developed by TITAN Haptics represents a new paradigm in high-definition haptic feedback and we look forward to supporting TITAN Haptics’ successful application of this technology to mobile devices,” said ​Chris Ullrich, CTO, Immersion.

Complementary to its motor offerings, TITAN Haptics provides firmware, software, APIs and blueprint reference designs for customers. TITAN holds leadership positions as a member of industry groups like HIF for the development of industry standards and unified protocols.

About TITAN Haptics Inc.

TITAN Haptics develops advanced haptic motors for smartphones, consoles and touchscreen devices. For more information visit TITANhaptics.com.

Nanoport Technology Inc.

Nanoport is an R&D Lab for mobile technologies specializing in connectivity, haptics and multi-device applications. For more information visit Nanoport.io.

Immersion (NASDAQ: IMMR)

A world-leading developer and licensor of touch feedback technology. For more information visit Immersion.com.

Haptics Industry Forum

Industry group established in 2020 dedicated to advancing the haptics ecosystem and content. For more information visit Hapticsif.org.



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