The Voltas Have Arrived! Volta-X Launches Today for Nintendo Switch and PC

Like big bots and you cannot lie? It’s time to craft your own giant Volta robot and battle your way to the top with the launch of Volta-X

EL SEGUNDO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Let the ultimate robot tournament begin! Today GungHo Online Entertainment America (GOEA) has officially launched their real-time strategy giant robot battler, Volta-X on Nintendo Switch and Steam for $19.99 USD. Players will be able to build their own custom Volta robots and climb the ranks of the World Volta Association (WVA) through fast-paced competitive online battles with crossplay between the Switch and PC.

Check out the launch trailer here.

“Growing up, I always played with toy robots,” said Fumiaki Shiraishi, Director of Game Development. “They’d battle it out, fight monsters, and do amazing things, but it was pretty much all in my imagination. I always wanted to make a game where those childhood dreams could play out: making and customizing my own robots, fighting my friends’ creations, and of course, saving the world! We made Volta-X to delight the inner child in all of us and can’t wait to see our players’ amazing creations make their way to the top of the World Volta Association!”

In Volta-X, players control a crew of three animal pilots across a giant robot in chaotic, but strategic battles against other Voltas and Kaiju. The game features a low learning curve that ramps up as players unlock new custom parts they will use to create the ultimate robot champion. Additional features include:

  • Your Robot, Your Battle, Your Way – Players pick from 4 “base” Voltas with a similar foundation but unlock dozens of customization options throughout their time playing. There are thousands of unique compositions possible, and there’s nothing more satisfying than creating YOUR Volta and commanding it as you take on opponents in highly competitive strategic battles!
  • Repair, Extinguish, & Attack – Battles aren’t just about attacking or destroying opponents. Players also must repair damaged rooms or extinguish fires to keep their Volta moving. Don’t leave a burning room unattended; command your crew to take out the fire and launch a rocket punch back at your enemy!
  • Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My – Customizing your adorable animal crew is just as important as customizing your Volta. The crew is made up of spunky intelligent animals that each come with their own unique traits, talent trees, and personalities that all come into play while piloting your Volta.
  • An Epic Story Awaits – Through a 10 to 15 hour single-player campaign, the crew will climb the ranks of the WVA to prove they are the best of the best. Along the way your pilot will qualify for the league and fight tooth and nail to climb the championship ranks. Pilots may even discover hidden secrets about the world, and using their Volta, take on Kaiju to save the world!
  • All Your Base Are Belong to You – The fight itself is only half the battle: preparation is key, and a happy crew leads to a more efficient Volta (and more customization options)! Get to know your crew’s individual personalities and customize their headquarters to suit their various personality quirks and behaviors to keep them happy, well-rested, and kicking butt in battle!
  • Make Your Mark on the World – Connect with other players in Clans to share strategies and fight each other, keeping your skills sharp. Engage in PVP battles and special events against the whole world. Only then can pilots prove their mettle by getting to the top of the leaderboard and making a name for themselves in the WVA!

Volta-X is a real-time strategy RPG, where players control a crew of animal pilots working together within a giant Volta robot, battling other Voltas and monstrous Kaiju in both PvE and PvP fights. Players can customize their Voltas with thousands of combinations – creating a custom loadout to suit their playstyle that can implement multiple weapons including heat sabers, massive drills, acid launchers, and more. Strategy in battle is key as players manage firing off weapons and commanding their team of Volta pilots to power-up weapons, repair their Volta, or extinguish fires. But in between battles, the crew needs time to relax and prepare for the next fight – they’ll relax at their fully customizable headquarters that can be decked out with a barrack, machine shop, garden, music room, and even a cinema – ensuring they remain happy, healthy, and ready for battle! As players progress through the game, they’ll learn more about their crew members and the world they live in uncovering hidden secrets that may forever change their world…

For more information on Volta-X, visit the official website and Twitter. Find assets here.


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