The Portrait AI Face Journal App – the future of beauty

SAN FRANCISCO, June 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Introducing Portrait AI Face Journal, a groundbreaking new app revolutionizing the future of beauty and anti-aging with the snap of a selfie.

Developed by Harvard trained MD and cosmetic physician, Dr. Sheena Kong, alongside leading technology company, Anokai, this fun, easy to use tool harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to educate users and empower their future beauty, health and lifestyle decisions.

In an industry overflowing with misleading information, false claims and so-called miracle products, Portrait AI turns to cutting edge technologies and medically-backed skin science to personalize the approach to beauty.  

After uploading a selfie to the app, users will receive the same clinical analysis of their facial attributes and age markers as they would with a professional consultation. By systematically analyzing the face from every aspect, Portrait AI instantly identifies facial volume, skin firmness, symmetry and pin points sun damage and signs of aging.  These insights then generate a personalized roadmap recommending the most effective cosmetic treatments, science-based products and lifestyle and wellness solutions.

Portrait AI is also engineered with an inbuilt journal allowing users to monitor how their skin responds to specific treatments and beauty regimes and track their skin success.

Portrait AI was created to help people understand their own face and its aging process. We have trained the artificial intelligence to clinically analyze each user’s facial attributes and detect signs of aging, to create a personalized treatment plan, that incorporates health-enhancing lifestyle changes.” – Dr. Sheena Kong, co-founder of Anokai and Portrait AI Face Journal.

A Silicon Valley based tech company delivering life-enhancing technology-charged health and beauty solutions. Founded in 2018 by AI and technology expert Tony Fotherby and cosmetic physician Dr. Sheena Kong, Anokai leverages cutting edge artificial intelligence, augmented reality technology and the latest advances in clinical medicine to educate users and empower their future beauty, health and lifestyle decisions.

Co-founder of Portrait AI Face Journal and founder of her own cosmetic clinic, Dr. Kong is a certified Internal Medicine Physician with extensive clinical expertise in the latest cosmetic and skin rejuvenation treatments. Renowned for her personalized approach to facial rejuvenation, Dr. Kong believes in the power of educating clients on their own skin and creating treatment programs tailored to specific needs for natural, effective, long-term results.


Portrait AI Face Journal

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