The Internet Waypoint: IpLContent Presents Near Real-Time, High-Bandwidth Access

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#IpLContent–For all our dependence on the Internet, accessibility is a constant obstacle. Whether at work, school, or the local coffee shop, we are always asking for faster access and competing for bandwidth with the people around us. IpLearn’s affiliate, IpLContent, presents a much-needed solution to this: the Enhanced Network Access Point (ENAP), a near real-time, high-bandwidth accessing device, applicable for multi-access edge computing.

An ENAP can provide content from the Internet via a local area network (LAN). By storing content from the Internet on a local device, people can quickly and easily access content without having to shoulder their way through a cluttered network.

The available content can be determined by various parameters the host chooses. Perhaps a local coffee shop likes to keep local news available. Perhaps the store decides instead to defer to its customers, so that the most requested materials remain available as long as they are routinely accessed.

This technology’s applications are limitless. The store can provide digital bulletin boards of sorts, with announcements from customers and pinned coupons. A clothing store could provide a digital fitting room. A school teacher can provide materials for the day’s lesson and inhibit student access to inappropriate content, making bandwidth-intensive learning, such as interactive video and virtual-reality contents, possible.

Consider this example: Imagine you take your break at a nearby Starbucks and decide to access your Disney+ account to watch Frozen II. You use the Starbucks app to access this location’s ENAP. The ENAP can then send a signal to Disney+ to confirm your access from the ENAP through that Starbucks’ LAN. If the movie has already been downloaded to the ENAP, the movie would begin playing immediately on your mobile phone.

When you return to work, you and hundreds of other employees in the office have been instructed to view a video of the CEO presenting a new product. Rather than force all employees to fight for bandwidth to view it via the Internet, the company makes the video available on its ENAP. Through the office’s LAN, all of you can simultaneously access the presentation with ease on your individual devices.

These are only a few examples of the potential uses for the ENAP. For this patented technology and more, visit IpLearn.



Angela Nijim

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