The Fifth Sino-U.S. Cultural Industry Summit Was Held in Macau

Chinese and American film producers, directors and scholars discussed the future of world film under this Pandemic.

MACAU–(BUSINESS WIRE)–$Summit #American–On December 28, 2020, the fifth Sino-U.S. Cultural Industry Summit was held at MGM Cotai, Macau, China. The theme of this summit is “The Future of the Sino-U.S. Film Industry under this Pandemic.” There were three panels: “The Future of the Global Film Industry under this Pandemic,” “The Future of China-U.S. Co-production Films under the Current Trade War,” and “What kind of role does Chinese film play in the global film industry after the Pandemic?” The American panelists talked with Chinese panelists online. This cultural industry summit was hosted by GTMG and Aollywood Producers Association, and co-organized by Lotus TV, Macau Daily and MGM.

In the first panel, Stanley Rosen, Professor of Political Science and International Relations at USC, believed that “After the epidemic, the influence of Hollywood blockbusters in China has weakened, but the influence of Chinese local movies has been increasing in the Chinese market.”

Yang Buting, Chairman of China Film Promotion International, mainly explained his views from two aspects: first, film is a combination of art and technology; second, the pandemic has accelerated the change of marketing and distribution, and streaming media became the mainstream of watching movies.

Oscar producer Andre Morgan said that “The Chinese film industry is still very healthy even under this pandemic.”

Li Jian, chairman and CEO of Perfect World Pictures, believed that “The pandemic has increased the attractiveness of streaming media. The traditional film production companies should think about building their own online channels and the new distribution ways.”

The famous director Sherwood Hu stated that “Even the way of watching film has been changing. Filmmakers still need to focus on how to tell a good story. This story is not only about China, but also about all human beings.”

About the Sino-US Cultural Industry Summit:

Founded in 2016, the Sino-U.S. Cultural Industry Summit is a non-profit organization that promotes culture, film, art, travel, trade, cuisine and investor relations between China and the U.S. It co-operates with relevant departments of the Chinese and U.S. governments, enterprises, and communities to engage in cultural and economic activities. The annual Sino-U.S. Cultural Industry Summit effectively builds a bridge to propel relations between Chinese and Americans.



PR Manager: Sofia Ding


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