Technology Is Going To Transform Luxury Cars

Technology is about to transform luxury cars into something you can afford and take on vacation. It’s called augmented reality and it takes the basic idea of satellite navigation and combines it with 3D mapping, virtual reality glasses, and voice recognition. The result is that you’ll be able to tell what’s going on around you with a simple wave of the hand. Imagine being able to stop a car before it even starts, say, if you see something outside your front view mirror and then be able to open the door remotely. Of course, there are still some inherent problems with this technology, like everything new. 

One of the most common questions I get asked is, “How does this technology work?” Well, in theory it works pretty much like radar, only on a higher scale. Smartphone applications and similar technologies already exist that allow you to use the information coming from the GPS to steer the car. When the car moves into a turn, it senses the turn and adjusts the steering to take advantage of the turn. When it senses that the turn is not a safe or legal move, it reverts back to the original course. 

The challenge here is trying to make such a complicated system reliable enough to rely on without causing a safety issue or causing accidents. I believe it will happen over time, as automotive technology grows and improves. We’ve already seen some impressive progress recently with LATCH, a system for preventing a rollover in the rear. 

There are other areas, however, where the future may be murky. A favorite of mine has been autonomous driving. Autonomous cars will soon be a reality thanks to high-tech computer hardware and data collected by the sensors. This car will know the speed limit, avoid obstacles, and communicate with the driver. In fact, computers will be so smart they’ll actually think the car is their own! 

Of course, the daydream of this future is one we can all appreciate. One day, every car will be capable of driving itself. This will allow you to take a vacation without needing anyone else to share the expense. You’ll drive luxury cars, go to the beach, enjoy your favorite leisure activity, and be paid for your experience. Sounds like a dream to me. 

Another area where I see exciting technology transforming the world of cars is in the area of diagnostics. When computers and electronics are able to read each other’s signals and calculate the best route for a driver, the result is miles per gallon of fuel efficiency. Not only that, but it also means fewer accidents and more safety on the road. I’m sure there have been many examples of this already in the form of GPS systems and Airbags. Both of which have made our roads safer and less risky for drivers. 

With current trends, technology is going to transform the exterior of cars as well. For example, LED lights. These lights have been around for quite some time but only recently started to be used in high-end automobiles. I think the response has been tremendous. In addition to illuminating the road ahead, they make the car appear to be much faster than it actually is. 

And finally, technology is going to transform the inside of luxury cars. Artificial intelligence is rising. From luxurious designs to an overwhelming increase focus on sustainability, these newer smarter cars will soon be what is the norm. The architecture of these cars and manufactured style has luxury and style written all over it. Cars won’t only look beautiful but it will be the complete package. Packed with looks and intelligence. Bold and beautiful. Cars are going to be in the realm of self driving and the driver and passengers will just be guests being taken along for the ride. 

Whatever changes soon will take over in these cars and technology, one thing remains the same. It is soon wise to invest in your automobile. For example, consumers are still buying auto extended warranties for their used, new, or EV car. Used car warranties are selling like usual and you can find as much information as you need online. One thing is for sure, everyone likes to save money and not have to worry about the stress of car repairs regardless of its advanced technology or not. 

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