Tame Your Weeds! MANSCAPED™ Debuts New AR Lens Exclusively On Snapchat

The Digital Disruptors at Leading Men’s Grooming Brand Have Done it Again, Launching a Wildly Fun Augmented Reality Experience Starring The Weed Whacker Trimmer

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Funny face filters and viral lenses are available on all the smartphone apps and social media platforms, but Snapchat remains to be one of the best places to find them. So it was only time before MANSCAPED™ launched its next lens. The global leader in men’s below-the-waist grooming and hygiene, known for its outlandish marketing plays, social media brilliance, and digital dominance, is excited to have unveiled the newest augmented reality (AR) lens to hit the social scene…and, lo and behold, it has become an instant hit.

Introducing “Tame Your Weeds,” a masterfully crafted interactive lens highlighting one of MANSCAPED’s top-selling products, The Weed Whacker electric nose and ear hair trimmer.

“With online shopping booming more than ever, it’s important to be able to get a feel for a product before you buy it,” said Brandon Carney, Paid Social Manager at MANSCAPED. “Our Snapchat Weed Whacker AR lens lets users experience firsthand how the device actually works for them in a fun and engaging way.”

The effortless and highly entertaining lens requests a simple raise of the eyebrows, only to invade the user’s nose and face with a mess of out of control weeds. A lifelike Weed Whacker replica quickly swoops into the screen without missing a beat, and expertly buzzes away the unruly flora just as if it was trimming one’s unwanted nose hairs.

The Weed Whacker, MANSCAPED’s first-ever above-the-waist tool and a best-seller within the brand’s coveted collection, is a technological masterpiece. This intelligently engineered device has redesigned the traditional facial hair trimmer by focusing on maximum performance and comfort. The product features SkinSafe™ technology – helping to reduce the risk of nicks, cuts, and snags – as well as a 360-degree rotary dual-blade system powered by a 9,000 RPM motor, and a sleek, contoured design. The Weed Whacker is available on manscaped.com for $39.99 with guaranteed free shipping.

The lens is now available to experience on Snapchat at no cost throughout the holiday season. To try it out for yourself, use the special Snap code provided. After your first go, you’ll be sold, and trust us, it makes a great gift this year – to give or get. Happy virtual trimming and taming!


Founded in 2016, San Diego, California-based MANSCAPED is the global leader in men’s grooming and hygiene below-the-waist, trusted by over 2 million men worldwide. The product range includes only the best tools, formulations, and accessories for a simple and effective male grooming routine. MANSCAPED offers direct-to-consumer shipping in more than 30 countries, spanning the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the European Union. Retail placement includes Target and Best Buy locations throughout the U.S., with further retail availability coming soon. MANSCAPED.com is a one-stop shopping destination for men looking for a brand that is focused on the needs of what has, for too long, been a sensitive and often taboo subject. For more information, visit the website or follow on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and Triller.


Allison Frazier, Director of Public Relations – MANSCAPED, Inc.


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