Table 8 Enables Anatomage Bodies To Function As Living Humans

SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Anatomage Inc, a market leader in 3D medical imaging technology, announces Table 8, which enables the Anatomage Table’s 3D digital human bodies to physiologically function as active living human bodies.

Digitally reconstructed from real human corpses, Anatomage Bodies have been recognized for displaying accurate human anatomy. In 2019, the digital bodies were integrated with physiological elements that allow them to produce heart motion, simulate nerve pathways, and replicate physiological interactions between stimuli and anatomical systems.

With Table 8, Anatomage Bodies are upgraded with kinesiological functions, making it possible to generate motions at their hip, shoulder, and knee locations. Anatomical movements activated by adjacent skeletal, muscular, nervous, and cardiovascular tissues can be simulated for 3D visualization on Anatomage Bodies.

By providing a visually scientific representation of how the actual human body moves, Table 8 transforms the way kinesiology is taught and learned.

In addition to kinesiological and anatomy functionalities, Table 8 includes the following exciting content updates.

  • Digital Pregnancy
    • Learn about human embryonic development by interacting with a 31-week fetus inside the mother’s body. Simulation of blood exchange between the mother and the fetus is made possible for users to gain insight into the uteroplacental circulation.
  • Living Bodies
    • Now equipped with renovated heart motion and blood flow tools, Anatomage Bodies enable users to visually examine how cardiac and other vital functions are carried out in an active, living human body.
  • High-Resolution of Regional Anatomy
    • Experience the highest level of anatomy resolution by interacting with Connie – our brand new digital body. In addition to displaying real human anatomy content, Connie takes photorealism of regional anatomy to the next level by allowing users to visualize complex structures such as fine blood vessels inside the brain.
  • Improved Rendering Visualization
    • Users can integrate various graphic effects to change the look, add new layers, and apply visual filters to the MRI/CT scans. These visual effects allow users to recognize the anatomical density and distribution throughout the scan.
  • Optometry Applications
    • Grasp the concept of ocular motor control by simulating ocular motions on digital bodies. Table 8 users can coordinate eye movements following specific directions, such as adduction, lateral or medial directions.

With Table 7, we digitally revived a cadaver and brought their heartbeat back to life. For Table 8, we have further advanced our technology by making our Anatomage Bodies functional. With Table 8, blood is able to flow into every corner of the body, eyes have motion and can focus, and the shoulder, hip, and knee joints are able to bend. On top of that, various vital organs are now functioning. Finally, one of our female bodies is modified to carry a digital pregnancy with an interactive and highly detailed boy fetus. This is the very first reproduction in a digital human body. This may sound like science fiction, yet we have successfully created physiological simulations in our Anatomage Bodies. This is possible through highly elaborated and tedious processes to reconstruct accurate physiological simulations. We are excited to share these wonderful advancements with our customers,” said CEO of Anatomage, Jack Choi.

Learn more about upcoming Table 8 here.

About Anatomage
A market leader in medical imaging technology, Anatomage enables an ecosystem of 3D anatomy hardware and software, allowing users to visualize anatomy at the highest level of accuracy. Through its highly innovative products, Anatomage is transforming standard anatomy learning, medical diagnosis, and treatment planning.

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