Successful Launch of Adjustify, a Software Solution to Capture Photos, Videos and Measurements for Remote Inspections

FT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — BanyanLeaf Software parented by RD Global Inc. announces the successful launch of Adjustify, a video calling solution with photo, video and measurement capabilities to conduct inspections and process claims remotely.

Amongst the COVID-19 crisis, Adjustify was developed to help give professionals that traditionally do on-site inspections or in-home meetings, an alternative way to safely and effectively connect with customers via a mobile application to view and record property damage.

Successful Onboarding of Property and Auto Insurers

Adjustify’s approach significantly reduces the adjuster’s time and travel for on-site inspections, thereby enhancing business efficiency and revenues. This solution is successfully deployed with customers in the auto and property insurance industries with plans to expand across construction, interior design, home warranty, and other industries where onsite inspections are traditionally required, but not possible due to social distancing guidelines or typical costs.

Unique Video Calling Features

During the remote inspection call, users can examine and discuss the damage with their customers. Going beyond the traditional video call, Adjustify gives professionals the unique ability to take measurements on-site using the customers’ smartphone. This technology creates a video recording of the entire interaction and allows a user to access the customer camera features to take photos with zoom and flash which helps visibly identify and capture property damage.

Augmented Reality for the Inspection Process

Smartphone users might be familiar with the growing trend of Augmented Reality on shopping apps which allows them to see how a particular product might look in their home. Now, this technology is available for professionals that need to measure a home with a virtual ruler available in Adjustify’s video caller.  This allows users to capture as much information as an in-person visit during the simpler and more efficient remote inspection process.

Online Record Optimization

After the call, users can chat with customers to collect additional photos and videos and have customers securely upload documents. Adjustify’s two-way communication channel has significantly reduced lag time between phone calls and email exchanges for our partners. The interactive claims portal allows companies to easily manage information specific to individual claims and allows users to augment files with added notes.

Excitement from the CEO

“Adjustify’s designers zero-in on solutions that empower customers faced with remote inspection challenges, by continually developing needed features. The release of our newest feature uses Augmented Reality to measure objects in the customers’ homes during the call, with the phone’s camera. A chat feature that allows for easy collaboration and secure file upload has been a game-changer for our clients.” Rajesh Nambiar – CEO RD Global

BanyanLeaf Software is a SaaS product development company, focused on solving industry challenges and improving efficiencies with innovative technology. Adjustify is available now, for more information and a fully functional Free Trial please visit or schedule a demo online.

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