Space Angels Announces Branding Realignment and New $50 Million Venture Capital Fund

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Space Angels, the angel investment platform that is the leading source of private capital and investor intelligence for the Space economy, is changing its branding structure, as the company moves forward with ambitious growth plans, including a stronger focus on institutional investors and new commercial opportunities being created by the increasing convergence between Space and terrestrial technologies.

Effective immediately, the company will now be led by its Space Capital brand, an early-stage venture capital firm for institutional investors. Space Capital is currently raising a new $50 million fund focused on three emerging hotspots: GPS, geospatial intelligence, and space-based communications.

Space Angels and the online career platform,, will become sub-brands to Space Capital. Space Angels will continue to serve as the industry’s leading investing platform for angel investors in the Space economy.

“The Space Capital brand reflects our company’s evolving strategy in a rapidly advancing Space economy,” said Chad Anderson, founder/managing partner of Space Capital and CEO of Space Angels. “Our investment firm has been exclusively focused on entrepreneurial Space for 13 years, longer than any other private investment group, and we believe the market is headed for its next major transition. For the past decade, Space companies have been primarily focused on infrastructure build-outs, from launch systems to satellite deployments. Now that these are in place, the industry is ready for its next phase, which will involve widespread distribution and application development of these technologies, as space-based services become widely accessible to businesses and consumers. This is a pivotal shift that will have dramatic consequences for many major industries, and our organization. Under the Space Capital brand, we will continue to play a leading role in sourcing and evaluating these early investment opportunities. Our new branding strategy reflects this changing dynamic within the commercial market.”

Under this new branding structure, Space Capital recently released a forecast of the top emerging markets in commercial Space over the next decade. The report, called “The GPS Playbook,” was co-authored with Silicon Valley Bank and released in March. It highlights three developing fields with outsized economic potential for investors:

— GPS, specifically the convergence of GPS with computer vision technology, which Space Capital predicts will lead to the mass adoption of augmented reality. The AR revolution will especially impact the gaming, consumer technology, transportation, and navigation industries.

— Geospatial intelligence, which the report predicts will be the “next GPS,” following an economic development path similar in size and scope to its trillion-dollar predecessor. Also known as Earth observation data, this technology is expected to launch countless new applications and businesses, the way GPS laid the groundwork for companies like Uber, Grubhub, and Bird.

— Space-based communications, which are on track for extensive commercialization as downstream developers democratize these technologies for businesses and consumers. According to the report, the total combined equity value of geospatial technology and space-based communications will surpass $1 trillion in the next 10 years.

For more information about Space Capital, visit To read Space Capital’s GPS Playbook report, go to To view the Q1 2020 Space Investment Quarterly report, go to


Space Capital ( is an early-stage venture capital firm investing in the Space economy, specifically focused on unlocking the value in Space technology stacks such as GPS, Geospatial Intelligence, and Communications. The firm is actively investing out of its second fund and manages over $35 million in private assets. Its exclusive sector focus enables it to be a true partner to its portfolio companies and unlock significant value far in excess of its investment capital. Space Capital is the parent brand of Space Angels, an angel investment platform; and Space Talent, a career platform and central node for space industry jobs and 200 companies across 33 countries.


Paula-Kaye Richards

Space Capital


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