Simcoach Games Announces Studio Operations for Games-as-Media Deliverables


  • Simcoach Games launches design studio operations to produce games and interactive content that facilitates personal discovery, improves decision making and enables positive behavior change
  • Studio services to include technical, design, production, financing and distribution for rapid game prototypes, game deliverables and interactive media applications
  • Games-as-Media leverages dynamic, recurring content informed by in-game behaviors, skills and decisions for user-engagement, data analytics and ongoing communications
  • Simcoach Studio operations to be centralized in Simcoach’s Southside Pittsburgh office

PITTSBURGH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#GameDevelopment–Accelerating its efforts to add advanced technologies into its online games, and leveraging its game and game prototype catalog, Simcoach Games today announced its studio capabilities and strategic orientation around Games-as-Media applications. By building on its game catalog foundation, and integrating blockchain, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning, online games and interactive applications can facilitate personal discovery, enhance decision-making, and enable positive behavior change.

“Since Sigma Resources acquired Simcoach Games in 2020, we have been pleased with the demand for gamified learning in a range of sectors, especially healthcare, education and training,” says Brian Kaleida, Simcoach CEO and President at Sigma Resources. “To meet this demand, we structured key game production steps, such as game design, technology platform, and instructional design, to function within a studio framework.” Mr. Kaleida continues, “Simcoach’s studio operations, featuring rapid prototyping, pilots and distribution, give clients and partners a range of development options to speed the production of Simcoach’s games.”

Services through Simcoach’s studio operations are structured so business enterprises, healthcare organizations, government agencies and academic institutions can efficiently and cost-effectively develop and provide Games-as-Media experiences. Studio services and terms offered to clients, partners, producers will be determined by Simcoach on a case-by-case basis and will be made at Simcoach’s discretion.

“We also see studio operations and rapid prototyping as an ideal development environment for Games-as-Media applications and early-stage metaverse experiences,” adds John Lucke, Simcoach Chief Growth Officer. “We have seen how online gaming, especially the dynamic content based on decision-making and behavior, can complement an array of media and marketing strategies. When combined with advanced technologies resident in our studio, we see Games-as-Media applications powering more enjoyable and engaging media experiences that delivers better outcomes for all stakeholders.”

About Simcoach Games

Since 2005, Simcoach Games has been at the forefront of creating engaging, imaginative and highly interactive virtual learning solutions. Having produced hundreds of video games with millions of downloads for leading business enterprises, government agencies, and academic institutions, Simcoach’s games facilitate active learning, encourage positive behavior change, and streamline training. Visit to see our games in action, and how we make a difference for our clients, partners and diverse learning communities.

About Sigma Resources

For over 20 years, Sigma Resources has helped companies grow and transform their businesses through the application of advanced technologies to solve longstanding business and operational challenges. ​

Our approach has been a focus on the customer’s business, and technology fit for purpose. We work with our clients to understand their challenges and opportunities at a fundamental level in order to apply emerging technologies to solve problems in new and creative ways. We differentiate ourselves from sole domain expertise, as well as technology looking for a problem to solve. We feel that the optimal approach is to empathize, understand, and implement. We are technology applied. Visit to see more.


John Lucke

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