SightCall Partners with Diagnostica Stago, Linking Diagnostic Laboratories to Rapid Remote Assistance for Medical Instruments

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#augmentedreality–SightCall, an augmented reality (AR)-powered visual assistance platform, today announced its partnership with Stago Group, a multinational developer of haemostasis solutions for diagnostic laboratories. Providing industry-leading analyzers performing blood coagulation testing intended to clinicians and researchers all over the world, Stago is expanding its support and maintenance system to include high-quality video assistance calls, rapidly delivering service to customers when instruments require troubleshooting or technical intervention.

With SightCall-powered remote video repairs, the company will reduce maintenance pull-outs by matching an issue with the most appropriate technical expert, shortening repair timelines and returning equipment to use more quickly.

“Accurate diagnostics form the backbone of patient care, and SightCall is thrilled to connect the producers of such sophisticated systems to an accurate, versatile and remote service solution for its customers,” said Thomas Cottereau, Founder and CEO of SightCall. “Enabling Stago’s experts to troubleshoot in real-time will drive greater productivity and faster problem resolution through decreased downtime, enabling labs to spend more time on the work that is most important – diagnosing conditions and finding cures.”

Stago specializes in diagnostic products that measure the human body’s ability to prevent and stop bleeding (hemostasis), and to assess the undesirable formation of blood clots (thrombosis). SightCall enables the company to reduce in-person technician dispatches, which involve extensive travel and physical stress for workers. These on-site visits have a mixed success rate at solving problems, such as when the first technician does not have suitable expertise to resolve the issue. SightCall connects the expert to the specific troubleshooting issue, delivers a solution in hours instead of days, and generates more cost-effective operations.

With the COVID-19 pandemic necessitating the implementation of remote assistance, Stago was also drawn to SightCall’s rapid deployment and upscaling capabilities, its GDPR and HIPAA compliance to protect confidential customer data, and its seamless integration into Microsoft Dynamics 365 allowing for a complete view of the customer service process.

After completing a successful five-country pilot in 2020, Stago will gradually deploy the service worldwide, leveraging SightCall’s on-screen annotation features and smart optical character recognition in. Quickly creating a global maintenance network through smartphone-based sessions, the company targets to significantly reduce the number of field service engineer dispatches, and following a KPI analysis, it anticipates a 2-4% productivity gain from reduced downtime after further integrating the solution. Stago is focused on increasing its support team’s usage of SightCall by targeting 20% of future maintenance cases to be resolved through remote visual assistance.

“Our goal was simple: To provide an innovative service experience that is both visually impressive and technically effective,” said Nadia Kerboussa, French Hotline and Affiliate Coordination Manager at Stago. “We chose SightCall because it is a simple, efficient video tool, easy to use for our customers and our agents. Being in the healthcare industry, we also needed a secured solution compliant with major regulatory requirements worldwide.”

About Diagnostica Stago

International, independent and privately-owned medium-size group established in 1945 in France, Stago is currently the only company in the In Vitro Diagnostics industry exclusively dedicated to the exploration of Haemostasis and Thrombosis.

With a staff close to 2,500 and the most advanced technologies, Stago formulates, manufactures and markets worldwide, the broadest range of reagents and analytical instruments in haemostasis. Stago devotes its research and innovative skills to the development of increasingly effective medical diagnostic products and instrumentation. Learn more at

About SightCall

SightCall is the world’s leading augmented-reality powered video cloud platform, delivering live, remote interactions between business and customers on every continent around the globe. In a connected, mobile-first world, businesses leveraging SightCall have the ability to see what their customers see and guide them remotely. With nearly 15 years of experience in remote video assistance, SightCall helps businesses transform their customer service and field service with the power of augmented reality and live video. The company has offices in San Francisco (HQ), Boston, Austin, Paris, London, Frankfurt and Singapore. Visit to learn more.


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