Shokworks and Immersity Partner to Create Educational Virtual Reality Experiences at the University of South Wales

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Virtual reality (VR) has long been thought of as the realm of gamers, but now, thanks to Welsh tech company Immersity and Dallas-based Shokworks, it’s being used to educate future law enforcement officers and aeronautical engineers in the U.K. Immersity, an affordable VR solution that creates immersive training opportunities for a variety of industries, is working with the University of South Wales (USW) on groundbreaking adaptive VR technology that will teach budding crime scene investigators how to properly probe the scene of a murder, and future aircraft personnel how to handle planes coming in to both busy airport terminals and military installations.

“The University has a ‘Scene of a Crime’ house that has traditionally been used to teach forensics students how to secure and investigate a crime scene,” said Hugh Sullivan, CEO of Immersity. “When COVID-19 hit, it was no longer practical to have groups of students in such an enclosed space. We recreated an exact model of the house on our VR platform, and now students will have the opportunity to receive this training anytime, anywhere.”

USW plans to begin using the technology with students in the Fall 2021 term.

Immersity has created a cardboard-box VR viewer that works with one’s cellphone, making the technology accessible to large numbers of people without the use of expensive VR headsets. The technology can also be used on a 2D computer screen, though it is not immersive.

“Now that we’ve created this VR platform, we can build literally any environment in it within a quick timeframe to continue growing, especially in the fields of education and training,” said Shokworks CEO Alejandro Laplana. “There is no limit to the ways this technology can be used.”

Immersity’s unique platform is already being used by law enforcement agencies and health authorities.

Shokworks has a strong history as an industry disruptor in digital spaces, and has recently launched a unique gamification platform with Rivals Media Group, a geo-messaging app that connects the digital and physical worlds with Rypplzz, and a skill-based game, High Speed Hands.

Available for interview:

Alejandro Laplana, CEO, Shokworks

Hugh Sullivan, CEO, Immersity

Katie Bird, lecturer in forensic science, University of South Wales

Richard Grant, lecturer in aircraft maintenance, University of South Wales


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