Reulay Announces Results From Study of Virtual Reality Interventions for Workplace Stress and Anxiety

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Reulay, a virtual therapeutic platform using machine learning for stress and anxiety, has announced exciting results. A study conducted by a multibillion-dollar health insurance company reports that the feasibility, safety, and efficacy of Reulay’s digital interventions met primary and secondary endpoints. The results show that Reulay’s carefully constructed brain-based virtual journeys reduced negative mindsets, worry, nervousness, and the feeling of being on edge—a big step towards eliminating workplace stress.

Reulay’s Chief Medical Officer and co-founder, Dr. Srini Pillay, a brain researcher, found these findings very encouraging. Dr. Pillay, who formerly ran the Outpatient Anxiety Disorders Program at Harvard’s McLean Hospital, said, “People don’t recognize that stress and anxiety are killers—not only on their own, but to the extent that they create gene changes that open up pathways to cancer, heart disease, stroke and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.”

He added that one of the strengths of Reulay’s patent-pending machine learning platform and its proprietary brain-based digital therapeutics will be the ability to customize treatment to the individual user. “Every person is unique, and that’s why Reulay is taking a personalized approach to medicine.”

Reulay is now making virtual reality interventions available to organizations. CEO Patrick Candela explained, “Work is the scene of the crime when it comes to stress and anxiety. Companies are recognizing how valuable daily stress reduction can be for their leaders and employees, for lowering insurance costs, and for positively impacting their financial bottom-line.”

“Now more than ever, leaders need to build resilience and agility,” said Dr. Pillay, one of Training Industry’s Top 20 Global Movers and Shakers in leadership development.

Reulay also announced that Chris Scott has joined the team as Chief Business Officer. “We’re thrilled to have Chris join us on this mission. He brings more than 20 years of experience as a chief revenue officer and in business development at leading technology startups, having worked at Even Financial, Criteo, and Google,” Candela said.

“As a digital health company, we are evolving fast, investing heavily in R&D to produce evidence-based solutions with some of the best domain expertise in the world. As companies adopt hybrid work models, it’s exciting to see leaders and employees embrace innovative corporate wellness solutions,” Candela commented.

About Reulay Inc:

Founded by leading psychiatrists, neuroscientists, and AI researchers, Reulay’s mission is to increase the quality of life and longevity for 2 billion humans by creating effective, scalable, and affordable digital health therapeutics.

Reulay’s virtual therapeutic platform leverages machine learning across biometric, digital behavior, brain science, and epigenetic research to personalize evidence-based digital medicine that targets human biology for prevention and treatment.

Reulay is advancing a broad pipeline of products across VR, AR, Mobile, & Web interventions to decrease stress and anxiety disorders, as well as associated chronic medical conditions such as cancer, stroke, heart disease & neurodegenerative diseases.


Patrick Candela

Reulay Inc

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