Qumulo Showcases CloudStudio Solution at AWS Media & Entertainment Symposium + Workshops

Created in partnership with Teradici and Six Nines IT, CloudStudio
enables film and animation studios to create a hybrid or full content
production pipeline in the cloud

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Qumulo, the leader in hybrid cloud file storage, today announced it will
be participating in the AWS
Media and Entertainment Symposium + Media Workshops
, taking place at
the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles.

Qumulo will be demonstrating its CloudStudio
solution – built in partnership with Teradici
and Six
Nines IT
– which helps film and animation studios create a hybrid or
full content production pipeline in the cloud.

CloudStudio helps media and entertainment companies to realize the
potential of AWS by improving economics around film production, creating
flexibility for IT resource-constrained organizations, and building new
production workflows in the cloud. The versatility of Teradici’s PCoIP
protocol and Qumulo’s file system in the hands of a systems integrator
with AWS Premier Partner status, such as Six Nines IT, ensures that
studios can leverage the cloud wherever they might be in their cloud

Because it allows film and animation studios to burst rendering and
other production workflows to the cloud, CloudStudio frees them from
“big bet” capital investments in advance of potential revenue growth.
Cloud-based infrastructure such as CloudStudio allows users to avoid
“boom-or-bust” cycles in their business by growing and shrinking
production capacity to match the exact needs of a project. It can also
be run and billed on a per-minute basis.

The elastic nature of AWS allows a studio of any size to compete on a
more level playing field. Studios can bid on any job, regardless of
size, with the assurance that being awarded a project won’t stress or
overwhelm the studio’s infrastructure or personnel. CloudStudio allows
users to create virtual workstations supporting as little or as much
infrastructure as is required for the project.

CloudStudio in AWS also enables studios to more easily collaborate
across geographies. With Teradici’s remote PCoIP workstations providing
low latency across geographically-dispersed artistic teams, and Qumulo’s
high-speed distributed file system, real-time global collaboration on a
project becomes a practical reality.


Video Demonstration: CloudStudio
– End-to-end production in the cloud with Qumulo and AWS

Datasheet: Qumulo

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Qumulo is the leader in hybrid cloud file storage,
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