ProductionCrate Reaches 800,000 Members During COVID-19 Demonstrating Demand in Creative Digital Content

The 25 percent increase spurred from the growing demand for high-quality digital content and video effects, with projections expected to reach one million members by Q4 2020

SAN DIEGO (July 2, 2020) – ProductionCrate, a San Diego-based media and post-production company, has reported an increase in memberships to over 25 percent since mid-March to 800,000 members. This increase occurred when COVID-19 lockdown began, and more business owners sought unique and affordable ways to stand out while storefronts are closed. The one-of-a-kind company that started as a passion project in college has turned into an empire that is projected to reach over one million users by the end of the year.

Capturing an audience with unique content is more crucial than ever before as people spend more time in front of screens due to COVID-19. To stand out, businesses have been shifting marketing efforts towards creating eye-catching videos that are memorable and targeted for the masses. This need to survive has caused businesses to now see how pertinent it is to be creative in order to continue to keep operations open. Additionally, filmmakers and content creators have had to adapt and continue producing content without being able to use their studios or high-end equipment due to stay-at-home orders. Combined, these types of businesses make up a large portion of the new users. However, another sector that has helped with the surge are those who took on a new hobby during quarantine and utilized ProductionCrate’s quality graphics to learn or elevate the craft.   

“We have seen a tremendous growth, especially with small businesses looking to expand their digital marketing efforts and content creators in need of a way to continue producing creative content without their usual office tools,” says Christopher Kelly, CO-Founder and CEO of ProductionCrate. “Over 300,000 people have joined our community of ‘Creators’ in just six months, with that number expected to continue on the upward path as businesses begin shifting marketing efforts to digital platforms. The rate of increased memberships leads up to an incredible and groundbreaking prediction that ProductionCrate will see more than one million members by the end of the year.”

Since 2009, ProductionCrate has successfully created a devoted community through marketing and social media channels, which have over 175,000 followers combined. ProductionCrate is constantly adapting to community feedback having a library filled with thousands of sound effects, motion graphics and video effects available for use. Memberships range from free to $499 for a lifetime of access to premium content.

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About ProductionCrate 

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ProductionCrate, a media and post-production company, believes that anyone can make blockbuster style videos. The company’s goal is to help developers, filmmakers and businesses share their stories through quality digital content. What started as a college passion project, has now grown into a full-time multimedia provider with 800,000 users and growing. ProductionCrate empowers video and filmmakers to create by building an affordable and cohesive library of effects with no bars or limitations. ProductionCrate aims to help all levels of filmmakers take their productions to the next level. The company values its users and makes listening to feedback from their community a priority. Most of the content offered is a direct result of community requests. The company makes implementing visual effects less daunting and more accessible to all through tutorials and a community well-versed in production.

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