OZ Introduces New Solution Accelerators to Digitally Transform Customer Experience in Travel and Hospitality

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OZ, a global consulting, services and solutions leader enhancing customer experience (CX) through digital innovation, has announced a suite of digital Solution Accelerators designed to transform the travel and hospitality industries. In the past year, OZ has more significantly increased its client base in travel and hospitality and partners with the world’s top cruise lines to create memorable customer experiences for travelers.

“Advancements in IoT, mobile applications, analytics and AI are poised to help travel and hospitality organizations go even further toward improving CX and building customer loyalty,” said Jorge Agnese, Vice President of Consulting, Travel and Hospitality for OZ. “We are proud of our research and development efforts in designing a suite of digital solutions that empower travel and hospitality organizations to meet the high expectations of customers as they interact with their brands.”

The OZ Solution Accelerators is a suite of cutting-edge technologies, developed in OZ’s Innovation Lab, to boost customer experience and build brand loyalty. Solutions include:

  • VelOZity – A real-time customer experience solution that utilizes camera feeds and artificial intelligence to recognize people, determine emotions and assign Net Promoter Scores (NPS). Depending on emotions, VelOZity can communicate to a companion mobile app to enable quick customer support and resolution.
  • Flow – A room automation application that enables guest control of the TV, thermostat, lights, curtains and doors. Flow is built to personalize the guest experience while optimizing energy consumption.
  • Ozzie – A personal assistant that uses technologies like augmented reality, machine learning and analytics to help answer customers questions.
  • OZ Immerse – A virtual and augmented reality application that brings a new way to explore and reserve travel destinations and excursions, and view amenities at resorts.
  • OZ Recognize – Powered by machine learning, this application recognizes and promotes driver-safety by helping analyze worn and faulty parts.
  • OZ Go – A virtual reality app that gives users a 360-degree view of a destination before arriving.
  • PaparOZzi – A system that uses drones with cameras, as well as a set of apps to request that a picture be taken. The system queues all requests, processes them and sends pictures to the requesters.

“Innovation is in our DNA at OZ, and we are creating imaginative solutions for the future in our Innovation Lab,” said Pat Sanchez, Innovation Labs Lead, OZ. “Through design thinking, we thoughtfully conceive and build customer experience products based on our clients’ needs.”

These solutions were created specifically for the travel and hospitality industry. In addition, OZ has designed two unique chatbot solutions serving other industries: the Mira Chatbot and OZ Helpers. The Mira chatbot helps users understand the intricacies of a medical diagnosis and become educated with the latest information on prescriptions and advancements in the medical field. OZ Helpers chatbots, used across a variety of industries, can be easily integrated into a website to answer business-specific questions.

The OZ Solution Accelerators are available now and more information can be found here.

About OZ

OZ is a leading global consulting company whose services and solutions transition companies to CX using design thinking, analytics and AI, IoT, RPA, Cloud and their Innovation Labs; OZ drives digital innovation across the travel and hospitality, health sciences, retail, high tech, and financial services industries. To learn more, visit FollowOZ.com.


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