Osram Unveils Grow Light System for Horticulture Research

a global high-tech lighting company, announces the launch of its
horticultural research grow light. Phytofy RL was
developed to meet the growing demands of researchers at universities,
private institutes and plant production in greenhouses and vertical
farms. Researchers and modern agriculturists can use the LED-based
lighting system Phytofy RL in the lab or in climate chambers in order to
develop new plant-specific light and growth recipes. These recipes can
lead to desired outcomes in plant quality, yield and flavor.

Various light wavelengths and intensities allow selective intervention
in the metabolic processes of agricultural crops and ornamental crops.
Yield, coloration and taste as well as other features can be influenced
in this way. The latest research shows that not only is this process
impacted by photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) – in the range of
400 to 700 nanometers (nm) – but that shorter and longer wavelengths
also influence plant development. With Phytofy RL, six spectral channels
– from a natural far-red end-of-day light to UV light as night
interruption light – can be addressed individually and the
photosynthetic photo flux density (PPFD) planned and controlled
precisely in real time: 385 nm, 450 nm, 521 nm, 660 nm, 730 nm as well
as a warm white channel with 2,700 Kelvin. At the same time, the large
number of LEDs in the fixture allows a higher photosynthetic photon flux

A special feature of the system is its highly uniform light
distribution. The calibrated system furthermore supplies a precise
irradiance map, calculated by the software with no quantum flux
measurements required. Use of Phytofy RL allows for evaluation of the
most varied light recipes, without having to change fixtures between
individual tests. Diverse combinations of wavelengths also can be
programmed, in different light profiles and across the entire
photoperiod. In addition, users get five light recipes following
registration, which have been specially developed by Osram.

The Phytofy RL system was developed by Osram’s Innovation Americas and
German teams, who partnered with plant biologists to develop the
software which can be used intuitively via the graphical user interface.
Manufacturers of climate chambers benefit too, with integration possible
in their systems. The grow lights can be networked via wired Ethernet or
WiFi. The flat and robust design (667 x 299 x 44 mm, just under 9 kilos)
is optimized for vertical farms, rack systems and growth chambers.

Phytofy RL is already being used by NASA
and Michigan
State University
. Osram is using it to carry out research of growth,
anthocyanins and taste, conducted in a climate chamber at the TU Munich.

For further information on horticultural applications at Osram and
Phytofy RL, visit: www.osram.com/phytofy


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