New Storage Solution from MelroseTEC and Excelero Allows Sim to Harness Shared NVMe Technology for M&E

Provides 6x faster storage performance with 4K frame-based color and finish workflows, by combining Sim’s workflow expertise with Excelero NVMesh®

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MelroseTEC, the professional services division of MelroseINC, announced that it helped Sim to enter a new era in production/post-production ease and efficiency with a high performance storage architecture based on Excelero’s shared NVMe storage software. By combining MelroseTEC commodity NVMe hardware with Excelero NVMesh® elastic NVMe block storage software and Mellanox 25/ 40/50/100Gb Ethernet NICs, Sim is now able to deliver up to 11 GB/sec of storage bandwidth per client to support four simultaneous 4K 60FPS Open EXR streams. This additional storage performance allows Sim to power its award-winning creative and future-proof its data center during an era of intense industry change.

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Post-production studios are struggling to keep up with the rapid increase in both resolution and color fidelity. The current normal is 4K-10bit, 4K-16bit is becoming commonplace, and 8K is just over the horizon. Open EXR, and ACES along with uncompressed clip-based workflows are now happening as well. This taxes existing disk-based systems beyond their capability, requiring a new approach to storage.

Sim, having successfully filled its show roster of work using such large file formats, quickly needed additional high-performance storage. Sim turned to MelroseINC as a partner to engineer a solution based on the newest technology of NVMe.

“We were extremely impressed with the level of technology and speed that Excelero’s software with NVMe hardware has presented to Sim – offering us six times faster performance than our existing storage network,” said Paul Chapman, VP of Engineering and Technology/LA, at Sim.

New Software-Defined Architecture

Newer NVMe SSDs are increasingly the go-to solution when studios and their customers need streaming, editing, and finishing in high framerates. Excelero NVMesh software-defined storage solution enables workstation and server access to large scalable bandwidth and low latency performance to meet these needs. Its NVMesh provides a full scale out solution for 4K frame-based Color and Finish workflows and beyond. Based on 4 independent servers, with 6 NVMe disks per node, native Linux based clients can expect 11GBps over 100Gb ethernet. Windows and Mac clients are able to achieve up to 2.5 Gbps over 25Gb Ethernet.

Benefits of Excelero with NVMe High Throughput and Low Latency Storage

  • Reduces infrastructure costs by 50% utilizing 100 Gb Ethernet
  • Unleash the performance of NVMe, which is 5-35x the performance of legacy SSD and HDD
  • Minimize changes to workflows by combining with existing storage hardware to use NVMe as Tier 0
  • Future-proof with any number of streams, any resolution, any framerate

Supporting Quotes

Sandy Nasseri, CEO, MelroseINC: “Our professional services division MelroseTEC, partners with our customers to offer customized technology solutions that create and/or improve, our customers’ technological infrastructure. Our expert team of 15 engineers build, test and validate proofs-of-concept for every proposed workflow. MelroseTEC creating the Excelero NVMesh system enabled Sim to use a hardware agnostic approach, which helped drive down costs.”

Liam Ford, Senior Vice President Post Engineering, Sim: “Excelero with NVMe met our needs in paving the way for our transition to an ethernet based infrastructure.”

Lior Gal, CEO Co-Founder, Excelero: “Today’s production workflows need to evolve to meet the far greater demands of new content formats. We’re delighted to partner with MelroseINC and Sim International to provide Elastic NVMe storage with high throughput and low latency storage that content creators need – helping them drive down costs and gain greater flexibility, and keep delivering better, more realistic, more impressive viewing experiences.”

About MelroseINC

MelroseINC is a Southern California based, full service, 360 business solution technology sales, service and solutions provider. Serving as the organizational umbrella, MelroseINC is comprised of MelroseMAC for Apple sales and support, MelroseTEC for asset management and MelroseSRC for asset sourcing and procurement. Established in 2003 as MelroseMAC, the organization provides sales and support for the entire Mac line up in Experience Centers located in Hollywood and Burbank, specializing in professional video workflows and peripheral equipment that broadcast, post-production, audio and digital media professionals and enthusiasts rely on. Through the business division, they help small and medium-sized businesses seeking technology solutions to improve their IT, employee productivity, asset management and mobility. For further information, please visit or on Twitter @MelroseIncLA or @MelroseTEC.

About Sim

Sim is a leading supplier of production equipment, workflow/dailies and post-production solutions, and has expanded to include stages and production offices in Vancouver. With offices located in Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, Toronto and Vancouver, Sim’s team and services have supported features such as “The Greatest Showman”, “Get Out” and “IT 2”, Oscar-winning documentary, “OJ: Made in America,” and hit series “Game of Thrones,” “American Crime Story, “Stranger Things” and “Handmaid’s Tale.” Our Toronto and Vancouver facilities provide camera, grip and lighting and playback equipment, as well as studios in Vancouver. All of our geographic locations provide an array of services from dailies, to online and offline editing, to final color/DI and visual effects, to sound editorial and mixing. Sim is backed by Toronto-based investment firm Granite Partners. For more information, visit or visit us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn @simcomplete.

About Excelero

Excelero delivers low-latency distributed block storage for hyperscale applications such as AI, machine learning and GPU computing, in the Cloud and on the Edge. Founded in 2014 by a team of storage veterans and inspired by the Tech Giants’ shared‐nothing architectures for web-scale applications, the company has designed a software-defined block storage solution that meets the low-latency performance and scalability requirements of the largest web-scale and enterprise applications.

Excelero’s distributed NVMe technology enables customers to benefit from the performance of local flash with the convenience of centralized storage while avoiding proprietary hardware lock-in and reducing the overall storage TCO. Excelero’s storage software is deployed by major web-scale customers, for data analytics and machine learning applications and in Media & Entertainment post‐production and HPC environments.

Follow us on Twitter @ExceleroStorage, on LinkedIn or visit us at to learn more.


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