New Blockchain-Based Social Network and Digital Sharing Economic Ecosystem Alfa Launched on Indiegogo

SEATTLE, Aug. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Alfa, a peer-to-peer privacy-friendly and blockchain-based social media platform with a structural economic angle, has been launched on Aug. 8, on Indiegogo, at The platform is intended to foster an inclusive decentralized digital sharing economic ecosystem that allows users to become micro-entrepreneurs and transact between themselves without intermediaries.

Alfa offers 5 key differential and disruptive advantages to users as it enters the highly competitive social media marketplace:

1. Time-Based and Algorithm-Free

Alfa is an industry-first platform that features a connected calendar to give users a way to post and view content in a chronologically correct timeline. They will be able to smoothly move across the past, present, and future in a quick and intuitive way as well as post to any point in time. “Alfa preserves temporal context which is critical for sharing stories over time. Algorithms hack content’s narrative to loop emotional triggers for the purpose of programming attention. By simply adding time, the game is changed,” Tony Tran, the Founder of Alfa and its Chief Architect, stated. Based on its horizontal and authentic display of timelines, Alfa intends to allow users granular control and time-based features such as self-destruct and scheduled posts. It is also geared toward using Augmented Reality to provide users the opportunity to see content at specific times and locations. “This shows how the blockchain looks and feels, what it can do, and where it will take technology—immediately. That’s really all people need to know about blockchain technology,” Mr. Tran described.

2. Ad-Free Discovery Engine

While Alfa’s freemium business model rests on selling advanced time-based ads to brands and advertisers and features to users, the platform will allow users to choose not to have any ads displayed, if that is their preference. On the other hand, users will also have the option of having ads shown, in which case the platform will reward them for the time they spend every time they see an ad. “It’s a true content discovery engine that contrasts with what existing social media platforms do, which is monetizing people’s time and posted content without any compensation. Alfa users will be rewarded for the content they create and for the time that they spend discovering new things and sharing whatever they wish,” Alfa’s Founder detailed.

3. Fostering Productivity Globally

Alfa wants to bridge existing disconnections and unify experiences across the technology landscape. The new network wants to create an ecosystem where connections are freely established and nurtured by users and in which people create value for themselves and for others in a truly mutually rewarding way. “Current technology models have created too many demarcations and distractions. False signals that fragment our lives so that we can be herded inside walled-gardens. We’ve become digital livestock. This is a chance to unshackle and evolve,” Tony Tran explained. As an empowered micro-entrepreneur, every Alfa user can extract from the platform as much monetized value as he chooses to pursue, create and benefit from.

4. All-In-One Platform

On Alfa, users will be able to rely on a one-stop app that lets them freely and privately socialize, discover, create, and transact on an open web. “Apps and platforms today are extremely one-dimensional. Alfa, on the other hand, offers a 3D way to navigate and experience an augmented digital parity of the real world in real-time continuity. That translates into incredible power that is awarded to users,” Tran said. Each user’s data is safely and privately secured on the Blockchain, and they decide what they make of the content that they create. “Imagine limitless possibilities for everyone,” the entrepreneur stated. Alfa will initially target the global sharing economy, allowing buyers and sellers of fractional use goods and services, such as data-sharing, car-sharing, service-based tasks, home-sharing, and other services, to freely publish and transact on a decentralized open web.

5. Future Proof

“The Alfa app available on iOS and Android is just one of the many embodiments of Alfa. The fluid bi-axial content navigation pattern makes it possible to deliver a visually appealing and intuitive experience on screens of any shape or size. We actually started on the most challenging surface area—the watch face,” Tony Tran said, alluding to the Alfa Watch, a smartwatch that will be introduced to backers as a stretch goal of the Indiegogo campaign. While the platform is easy to instantly access, it’s also designed to keep users from falling into the typical addictive behaviors that traditional social media giants want to develop. “This is technology that people will feel good about putting down,” Mr. Tran commented as he further detailed that, “Time is the great equalizer. With its properties as a foundation, we can combine the digital wallet, mobile phone, social network, and market access into a low-cost and magical device that elevates all walks of life.”

After 2 years of testing and development and 12 internationally filed blockchain patents, the platform’s experience is patent-pending and filed with PCT across the world. The Indiegogo campaign intends to raise $800,000 and backers are offered early access to the platform and the possibility of acquiring the experimental Alfa Watch in exchange for their support.

About Alfa:

Alfa is the operating environment for the Enzo Operating Network (EON), a fully inclusive, decentralized, and open-data economy where every participant is a micro-entrepreneur, empowered to contribute and guaranteed to be compensated for their time and data. On Alfa, members have absolute control over their data and privacy, with full liberty to monetize their time as they please.

About Tony Tran, Founder of Alfa:

Mr. Tran was born and raised in the province of Vinh Long, in the Mekong Delta, and grew up in a bamboo shack next to the river. His initial humble beginnings did not determine his fate, as Tran worked hard to make progress in life. He graduated in Information Sciences and obtained a Technology degree in Database, InterNetworking, and HCI from the Thomas B. Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences. He eventually became an expert in the fields of product strategy, design, and usability, having worked for 20 years in these fields. After adding Microsoft, the US Army, Inrix, Geico, EMC, Seagate, AT&T, US Olympics, Kelloggs, Caterpillar, and many other household names in different industries to his professional curriculum of companies he has worked for, Tran presently focuses on developing cutting-edge technology for the masses that is geared towards nurturing a Star Trek-like society.

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Tony Tran, Founder
Address: Seattle, Washington


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