National CineMedia (NCM)’s Noovie Arcade Has Changed The Game On The Big Screen With The Ball Park® Brand Hot Dog Derby Augmented Reality Game

CENTENNIAL, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–$NCMI #NCM–(NCM)’s Noovie Arcade has changed the game on the big screen in movie theaters across the country since Friday, August 9th with a fun new augmented reality (AR) game – the Ball Park® Brand Hot Dog Derby for Noovie Arcade, the revolutionary companion app for National CineMedia (NCM)’s Noovie pre-show.

The innovative Ball Park Brand Hot Dog Derby AR game is the first-ever branded game created for Noovie Arcade in U.S. movie theaters, and also marks the first time the popular hot dog brand had used cinema advertising.

To play the Ball Park Brand Hot Dog Derby, audiences should download the Noovie Arcade app (available free in the iTunes and Google Play stores) and arrive at least 20 minutes early to their local Noovie theater to catch the Noovie pre-show running before all G- and PG-rated movies. A special spot will prompt audiences to open the app and aim their phones at the big screen when it’s time to play. Then, through their mobile phone, the movie theater will transform into a larger-than-life game setting where Ball Park franks run, jump and race against each other in a stadium full of cheering fans. Who will be the best? Who will be the wurst? Players can check their scores to see how they stack up against other audience members and relish in their victory!

Hot dog racing fans who just can’t get enough can also play using their computer screens at

“We are excited to partner with Noovie Arcade to leverage AR technology to bring the much-beloved in-stadium baseball game of racing mascots to moviegoers across the country,” said Rachel Friedstat, senior brand manager with Ball Park brand. “Like the game, Ball Park franks were born in the ball park in Detroit, so whether it’s going to a game, the beach, grilling out with friends, or seeing a movie, Ball Park brand wants to make certain everyone enjoys each moment of summer.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with the Ball Park brand to bring this fun, engaging game to our Noovie pre-show. Augmented reality is a fantastic consumer experience on the big screen, and Ball Park brands’ innovative marketing team is the first in the industry to take advantage of it and create a unique branded Noovie Arcade game for movie audiences,” said Jerry Canning, VP of Digital Ad Sales with National CineMedia (NCM). “Digital cinema advertising extensions like mobile gaming are a great way to make a deeper, one-on-one connection with the audience that keeps them talking about the experience long after they leave the movie theater. At NCM, we’re always striving to evolve and enhance the pre-show for audiences and advertisers alike.”

The first app of its kind, Noovie Arcade gives movie fans the chance to enjoy a gaming experience like no other while waiting for their feature film to start on over 21,000 movie screens in over 1,700 top theaters nationwide, including AMC, Cinemark, Regal Entertainment Group, and 50 other regional and local exhibitors. Other Noovie Arcade games include Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet game (the first studio collaboration for Noovie Arcade), Cinevaders, Escape from Waddleville, Hollywood Highway, Emoji Escape, and the Halloween Horror Experience.

About Ball Park Brand

The Ball Park brand was launched in 1957 in response to a request from the owner of the Detroit Tigers baseball team and today, is an official partner of the Detroit Tigers. The Ball Park frank was such a success, it was expanded nationally. Ball Park products can be found in supermarkets, convenience stores and a variety of sports venues. For more information, visit

What’s Noovie?

NCM’s Noovie pre-show gives movie audiences a reason to arrive at the theater early to discover what’s next, with exclusive entertainment content, in-theater gaming, and engaging advertising from national, regional and local brands. Noovie also goes beyond the big screen with a growing digital ecosystem including, the go-to digital destination for all things movies, including trailers, showtimes, tickets, and more; Shuffle, Noovie’s new movie trivia game that movie fans can play anytime, anywhere; Noovie ARcade, the big screen interactive augmented reality (AR) game available free in the iTunes and Google Play stores; and Fantasy Movie League, the box office predictions game that combines the fierce competition of fantasy sports with the insanely popular world of entertainment and movies. Find out @WhatsNoovie on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

About National CineMedia (NCM)

National CineMedia (NCM) is America’s Movie Network. As the #1 Millennial weekend network in the U.S., NCM is the connector between brands and movie audiences. According to Nielsen, more than 750 million moviegoers annually attend theaters that are currently under contract to present NCM’s Noovie pre-show in 58 leading national and regional theater circuits including AMC Entertainment Inc. (NYSE:AMC), Cinemark Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:CNK) and Regal Entertainment Group (a subsidiary of Cineworld Group PLC, LON: CINE). NCM’s cinema advertising network offers broad reach and unparalleled audience engagement with over 21,000 screens in over 1,700 theaters in 188 Designated Market Areas® (all of the top 50). NCM Digital goes beyond the big screen, extending in-theater campaigns into online and mobile marketing programs to reach entertainment audiences. National CineMedia, Inc. (NASDAQ:NCMI) owns a 48.6% interest in, and is the managing member of, National CineMedia, LLC. For more information, visit and


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