MyndVR Partners With Pico Interactive and Littlstar to Donate VR to Seniors in All 50 States

New partnership aims to give away MyndVR to combat social isolation in senior care communities in need

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MyndVR, the national leader in virtual reality (VR) solutions for senior living communities, is announcing its partnership with Pico Interactive and Littlstar to donate VR headsets to senior care communities in all 50 states to combat the effects of social isolation due to the COVID-19 crisis.

As senior living facilities are forced to shut their doors to non-medical personnel, the National Academies of Sciences reports social isolation has been associated with a significantly increased risk of premature mortality from all causes. The partnership will help combat this during the challenging times ahead.

Each community selected will receive a free headset along with training and support, and a one-year subscription to the most senior-friendly content available on the MyndVR network.

“We are so grateful to Pico Interactive and Littlstar for teaming up with us to donate this amazing, life-enriching program to seniors in care communities across the country,” said Chris Brickler, CEO of MyndVR. “It’s important that the AR/VR industry steps up in this isolation crisis, and we plan to deliver MyndVR to communities in need in all 50 states.”

“We are thankful to have this opportunity to partner with MyndVR to deliver 360-degree, immersive VR content directly to seniors across the country who are currently facing social isolation because of Covid-19,” said Littlstar co-founder and CEO Tony Mugavero. “The opportunity to expand the world virtually can bring so much happiness and comfort.”

“We are excited to be part of this initiative, to deploy our headsets to seniors across the country who are dealing with the effects of social isolation,” said Will Winston, Western Sales & Partnerships Director. “Our simple and easy-to-use design makes our hardware some the most durable and sanitizable solutions for virtual reality headsets on the market.”

The face inserts on Pico’s headsets are designed to be easy to clean and hygienic for mass use. MyndVR provides training on how to properly sanitize each headset between uses by including print instructions and video tutorials to show where it’s most important to clean and best materials for sanitization. MyndVR also includes alcohol wipes to ensure each care community has proper sanitizing material.

MyndVR is asking for communities interested in this program to visit for more information and submitting an application. For those who might want to contribute and expand our 50-community donation, please visit or call us at 800-620-7630.

About MyndVR

MyndVR is a health and wellness company providing virtual reality solutions to senior living communities, home health care agencies and directly to older adult consumers. The company has the largest library of VR content and is creating innovative genres of recreational, prescriptive and on-demand content for seniors. MyndVR offers a promising future of cognitive health and wellness for the dynamic aging population. Pilots have demonstrated the positive impacts on older adults.

About Pico Interactive

Pico Interactive focuses on innovative VR and AR solutions which enable businesses to create and experience the best in VR and Interactive Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI). With operations in the United States, Europe, China and Japan, Pico Interactive focuses on creating amazing VR platforms for any application and is built around the principle of “user first design.” To date, over 200 thousand Pico VR headsets have been sold worldwide across a variety of industries, including healthcare, education, marketing and training services. To learn more, visit

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Littlstar is a streaming service delivering live and on-demand ESports, Music, Comedy, Travel, Documentary, and Sports to PlayStation, Android TV, iOS, Android, and Apple TV. Littlstar’s innovative platform supports 2D, 3D, 4K, Live, 360°, 180°, and traditional video, and viewers can watch content curated and delivered by Littlstar, or they can view their own curated content from a hard drive, local network, or RSS feed. Viewers can earn Ara rewards points just for engaging with the app, and there is a full developer platform for powering 3rd party applications. For more info, visit and


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