“MyAngels, known as the Good Network, will change the way we interact forever”

WASHINGTON, June 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Social media is broken: from cyber-bullying, misinformation and hate-speech to algorithms that promote division. And the legacy big tech players have been unable, or unwilling to change.

My Angels is here to fix that. Known as The GOOD network, the platform puts a positive experience at its center.

A new approach
The pandemic has reminded people everywhere of the value of protecting their mental health. It has also shown the danger of misinformation and hate speech spreading on algorithms designed to prioritize speed of reach for advertisers ahead of the needs of users. Sixty-five percent of Americans polled by Pew Research said they felt social media was a negative influence on their country.

My Angels is the antidote to this race to the bottom. Its pages are designed as a sanctuary and safe haven that encourage positive communication and reflection around significant life events – whether on a daily or longer-term basis.

At the heart of the platform each user has their own guardian angel who watches over them and serves as a messenger to deliver words, prayers and positive thoughts to their friends and family. The angel, which is a universal symbol appealing to followers of organized religion as well as those with other beliefs, creates a sense of companionship and support as well as protection.

My Angels aims to tap into a common spirituality that people share all over the world.

How it works
In keeping with the spirit of the platform, privacy and online safety of users are prioritized. Direct messaging is restricted to contacts who have mutually accepted connection requests although users can send virtual candles to anyone to whom they wish to express support.

To end the harmful practice of chasing likes, counts are erased after 24 hours. Setting up and personalizing a profile can be done in a matter of minutes.

Users can choose their own Angel to fit different personal or cultural beliefs, including an angel of light for those who don’t want a representation in human form.

The platform incorporates advanced 3D technology to create an Augmented Reality experience so the angel can accompany its users in the real world. However it is intuitive and simple to use even for those with no prior experience of social media.

Contributing to a better world
Whether for organizing events, keeping in touch with relatives across generations, fundraising, or creating supportive communities, My Angels will support better interactions.

Corporations also have a role to play in making the world a better place. Through My Angels they can create an online presence that gives visibility to their brand while contributing to the community by offering candles for users to share. This offers a new meaning to the concept of social impact marketing.

My Angels has launched in 86 countries in English under myangels.com with apps to follow in the official Android and Apple stores in the coming days. Other language versions are under development.

For more information contact: media@myangels.com

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