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IngenioSpec’s electronic eyewear features voice, touch, and IR sensitivity

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#IngenioSpecIngenioSpec, an affiliate of IpVenture, has announced its innovative electronic eyewear technology that places electronics in a front part and/or end pieces in order to facilitate manufacturing and minimize design impact. Most recently, IngenioSpec offers voice, touch, and IR sensitivity [US Patent 10,345,625; and US Patent 10,359,311] in its electronic eyewear design. Users can activate various functions with either a word, the swipe of a finger, or the wave of a hand.

These features offer three different means of inputting commands, and each design includes numerous variations. With voice recognition, users can send messages via spoken word or enjoy a hands-free phone call from their cellphone. Touch sensitivity provides a means to send commands with a simple touch of a button or swipe across a touch-sensitive input surface. And IR emitters and sensors can detect a user’s hand movements or scan the environment.

These designs offer an endless variety of possible applications. For example, in a professional setting, users can use IR emitters and sensors to facilitate a presentation from their eyewear. Other infotainment designs can use these technologies to provide users a virtual reality shopping experience or respond to a spoken question. For medical alert and health monitoring, these designs can allow a user to quickly contact and speak with medical personnel, while the IR emitters and sensors can monitor the user’s environment and assist in alerting personnel in the event of an accident.

With the pervasiveness of such technologies as Siri and Alexa and the prevalence of corrective eyewear among American users, IngenioSpec has pioneered a cohesive, pragmatic, and user-friendly design that can combine voice recognition, touch-sensitivity, and IR technologies with a commonplace accessory.

With these and many other models of electronic eyewear, IngenioSpec, an affiliate of IpVenture, offers new and promising technologies backed by high-quality patents for eyewear products. See examples of our patents.



Angela Nijim


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