Leading Video and Digital Technology Provider VirtualAPT Is Now View Labs; Enters Web-Based Conferencing Space with New 360 Meet Product

360 Meet joins suite of video technology products that create real, mixed reality and virtual worlds

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–VirtualAPT, a technology provider that revolutionized the 360° video sector by building autonomous robots capable of filming up to 25,000 square feet of space per hour, is now known as View Labs. This new name corresponds with the expansion of the company’s suite of video and digital technology products and growing customer base in new sectors. View Labs is proud to announce its first new product following this rebrand, 360 Meet, which offers a new standard of quality, synchronized content as a web-based conferencing platform.

“View Labs provides cutting-edge video and digital technology that recreates in-person experiences virtually without sacrificing quality. 360 Meet is designed to eliminate the distractions that happen through lag times and spotty connections, and in turn provides for a seamless virtual touring and conferencing experience,” said Bryan Colin, CEO of View Labs. “Our new name, branding, and website reflect the evolution of our products and exponential growth of our customer base and in-house team.”

Co-founded by Colin in 2016, View Labs is a provider of cutting-edge video and digital technologies that allow businesses to seamlessly combine real, mixed reality and digital worlds. The company has grown to 40 employees and now offers five interconnected products that help businesses collaborate more effectively, create interactive and immersive marketing experiences, increase user engagement and gain insight into customers, while increasing conversion rates and reducing marketing expenses.

View Labs’ fleet of autonomous robots are built and designed in-house and drive the company’s suite of solutions. Existing products include digital technologies like View Studios, View AVR and View Innovations, which help businesses create fully interactive, 360° videos and augmented virtual reality. View Labs’ Video Eye serves as an analytics tool that allows creators of video content to track viewer and customer behavior and engagement.

The company serves and is engaged with leaders across real estate, construction, entertainment, retail, hospitality, technology, and enterprise services sectors. Clients include Berkadia, Hilton, Skanska, Starwood, Ulta Beauty, Greystar, ExtraSpace Storage, CBRE, Cushman & Wakefield, JLL and Newmark.

View Labs innovative approach to the 360° video space led to the development of its latest product, 360 Meet. This proprietary conferencing platform allows users to host virtual tours and review digital content, while engaging with contacts in real-time. 360 Meet enters the market as adoption of and demand for streaming meeting services continues to surge.

Through View Labs’ proprietary video technology, 360 Meet solves any video lagging issues and quality degradations users experience with other platforms, offering a synchronized, non-disruptive user experience. The technology allows users to collaborate with shared video controls and offers the ability to switch between visual assets from a digital suitcase.

“I’m excited about the advances we’ve made in video and digital technology and the value-add use-cases for enterprises,” said Colin.

Access to 360 Meet is now available for individuals, teams or corporations. For more information on 360 Meet or to request a demo, please see www.viewlabs.com/360meet.

About View Labs

View Labs has revolutionized the 360° video sector with a suite of video and digital solutions that allow businesses to shape the real, mixed reality and digital worlds. Driven by a team of inventors, engineers and designers, we continue to find new ways to evolve our technology to better serve the needs of modern businesses. The inspiration for our work stems from the importance and value we place on in-person experiences. We offer a stack of highly adaptable, user-friendly technologies to replicate that feeling in the most realistic way possible. Current customers include industry leaders in real estate, construction, entertainment, retail, hospitality, technology and enterprise services.

For more information on View Labs, please see www.viewlabs.com.



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