JS Bio and Etta Biotech Advancing Strategic Partnership

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. & SHANGHAI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CellElectroporation–Jianshun Biosciences Co., Ltd. (“JS Bio”) recently announced its strategic partnership with Etta Biotech Co., Ltd. (“Etta Biotech”), to set up a high titer transient protein expression platform for high quality protein production using JS Bio’s transient transfection media. JS Bio becomes the exclusive cell culture supplier for Etta Biotech’s transient transfection high titer protein expression platform.

Etta Biotech is a leading cell electroporation technology and equipment supplier. Its proprietary large-capacity flow electroporator, X-Porator F1, is one of the only two products of its kind in the world, and leads the market with its outstanding performance and customer value. Etta Biotech’s F1 equipment, paired with a completed process optimization protocol, can significantly increase protein expression titer and quality with transient transfection, therefore reducing the user’s operational cost and shortening the R&D cycle. It has become the de facto standard equipment for high titer transient protein expression platforms used by many leading Chinese antibody drug pharmaceutical companies and IVD (In Vitro Diagnostics) companies since its launch in Oct. 2018.

In accordance with the strategic agreement, JS Bio will provide Etta Biotech with customized cell culture media for its transient protein expression platform. The two parties also plan to join force further to build a rapid protein production platform aiming at producing gram-scale protein for R&D, e. g. molecular assessment within two weeks after receiving plasmids, to advance R&D process for antibody drug development. With its sophisticated quality and service systems, JS Bio will accelerate the application of Etta Biotech’s products in antibody drug development in the industry.

Dr. Edward Dai, Chairman and CEO at Etta Biotech, said: “I am so glad to have the opportunity to join hands with the benchmark company in cell culture media, JS Bio. Its cell culture media specially developed for Etta Biotech’s electroporator can further increase our customers’ protein output, and guarantee a supply of reliable cell culture medium products for Etta Biotech’s high titer protein transient expression platform. Etta Biotech, in return, will help JS Bio to expand its media market, and develop electroporation equipment capable for 100L and over transient protein expression systems, that will empower the CDMO service platform of Thousand Oaks Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., JS Bio’s parent company. Making this partnership is a mutually beneficial cooperation.”

Dr. Shun Luo, Chairman and President at JS Bio, commented: “Presently, we and Etta Biotech have achieved great progresses in developing transient transfection platforms with high protein expression titer, and protein production systems at scale. With its excellent electroporation technology and equipment, Etta Biotech has become a world leader in its field. I feel so honored to work with Etta Biotech, and Dr. Dai. In the future, JS Bio will continue to take advantage of our customized cell culture media development capability and commercial supply capacity, to maximize our mutual benefits for Etta Biotech as well as for Thousand Oaks Biopharma, and together we will make significant contributions to the fast growing biopharmaceutical industry.”

About Etta Biotech

Etta Biotech was founded in Suzhou Industrial Park in 2014 dedicated to developing high efficiency electroporation technology and equipment. It owns intellectual property rights for its cutting-edge large-capacity flow electroporation core technologies, and is one of the only two suppliers of flow electroporator worldwide. In 2019, Etta Biotech partnered with Mayo Clinic to found Mettaforge Therapeutics, Inc. for non-viral cell immunotherapeutic drug development. Since its launch at the end of 2018, Etta’s X-Porator F1 has been accepted and adopted by many Chinese antibody drug and IVD benchmark companies, bringing significant benefits to customers. Etta Biotech will continue to launch electroporator products for cellular immunotherapy and drug delivery, to enrich its product lines and expand its scope of business, and to facilitate drug R&D and the large-scale application and promotion of cell therapy.

About JS Bio

As a leading cell culture media supplier, JS Bio is committed to the development and production of serum-free cell culture media, and boasts strong independent innovation and R&D capabilities. JS Bio also provides customers with corresponding upstream cell culture media and process development services. Its products and technical services are mainly applied to antibody drugs, cell therapies, and the human and veterinary vaccine industries.

The company has so far established world-class R&D laboratories in the United States (California), China (Lanzhou, Shanghai and Haimen), and Singapore. The lab in Lanzhou has a dry powder culture media production workshop in compliance with the cGMP regulations, a mixing and grinding capacity of up to 600kg, and an annual production capacity of up to 100 tons. To address the future demand for the production and supply of cell culture media in China and the global biopharmaceutical industry, JS Bio launched the Haimen Phase II serum-free dry powder media project, which is expected to go into operation in 2021. The project features a full application of advanced large-scale media production technologies, to ensure high-quality dry powder media production and the highest level of intellectual property protection for customers’ formulations. The annual production capacity will be in the thousand-tons, and one of the largest manufacturing facilities of its kind in the world. As China’s first-class supplier of industrial dry powder cell culture media, JS Bio has served more than 100 clinical projects, including more than 20 Phase III clinical phase projects.


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Shun Luo

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