IoT Futurists Launches to Empower, Grow IoT Industry

New IoT Thought Leadership Board addresses future impact of IoT on
education, jobs and the global economy, and how that will in turn affect
IoT vendors and service providers

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With a goal of helping companies make the most of IoT, IoT Futurists™,
The IoT Thought Leadership Board™, formally launched today to explain
the disruptive technologies that are changing life and business. IoT
Futurists is a group of the industry’s top IoT experts and
forward-thinking Thought Leaders. It will work with IoT vendors, service
providers and the media to mentor them on, and develop business
strategies for, the next wave of IoT growth opportunities. IoT Futurists
also announced three visionary advisors with a common goal of sharing
information on how the ever-growing number of connected devices, things
and people will impact and alter education, jobs, and the global economy
in the future.

What does the future look like for industries, enterprises and consumers
in an intensely connected world? How can vendors plot a course for
success from where they are now, and where they need to be in five, 10
and even 15 years? As transformative technologies like artificial
intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), cognitive computing (CC),
machine learning (ML), natural Language processing (NLP), robotics, data
analytics and others grow, how will—and should—IoT vendors and service
providers be part of that equation? How will security and privacy
technology and regulation adapt to this new highly connected world?

The IoT Futurists board will feature a lineup of C-level executives who
will provide insight and perspective on the future shape of IoT as its
impact deepens. Global in nature, these executives are true far-sighted
and prescient Thought Leaders who—through media interviews, keynotes and
other influential means—will speak to their own predictions and passions
within IoT. The advisors will help shape the conversation through the
identification of key trends and issues the world will be facing and
conducting deeper dives into how these trends will impact the vendor and
service provider communities.

IoT Futurists will focus on the following services to help vendors and
service providers successfully navigate the IoT landscape:

  • Marketing and media relations strategies for long-term IoT success
  • Thought leadership perspectives and development for IoT executives
  • IoT business strategy mentoring
  • Industry research and news
  • Networking events to discuss both macro- and micro-level issues and

“Regardless of whether you are just beginning to craft an IoT strategy
or have years in the market, as the IoT scales, it will have deep impact
for IoT vendors and service providers,” said Laura Borgstede, founder
and co-chairman of IoT Futurists. “Through mentoring, annual meetings,
networking and online forums, our Thought Leaders and Advisors will
educate, prepare and empower you to make smarter decisions that will
ensure the success of your new or growing IoT businesses.”

With this launch, IoT Futurists announces three formidable and visionary

  • James
    , IoT Futurists’ Advisor, and Founder and Chief Technology
    Evangelist, James Brehm and Associates
  • Maribel
    , IoT Futurists’ Advisor, and Founder and Principal Analyst,
    Lopez Research
  • Jason
    , IoT Futurists’ Advisor and Executive Director, Smart
    Cities Council (former FierceMarkets Senior Vice President)

“As we move forward, an essential need that is not being addressed today
is the personification and identity around IoT. Today, most makers are
trying to address this problem through the use of silo-ed platforms, and
that just doesn’t cut it,” said James Brehm, IoT Futurists’ advisor, and
founder and chief technology evangelist, James Brehm and Associates.
“Think about it. Your connected car should link to your connected
ceiling fan, should connect to your calendar on your iPhone, should
connect to your frequent flier account, should connect to your home
automation, security system, should connect to your everything. You see,
I am my car, my ceiling fan, my home automation system, my calendar, my
handset and many other things. I am the sum of all my connected things.
That’s my digital persona. In this new environment, there are many
complex issues coming, like personification and servitization, that
often get overlooked. IoT Futurists will help navigate these pitfalls.”

IoT Futurists will soon be announcing its IoT Thought Leaders board
members, and is still accepting applications for a few additional board
seats. Stay tuned for more background on upcoming networking events and
forums, along with the latest announcements, research, blogs, new
technologies and trends related to IoT—curated and posted all in a
central location.

Join us in this journey to fully comprehend the disruptive technologies
that are changing our way of life and doing business, and learn how to
make the most of the opportunities these changes create.


Kristine Bennett
404-266-2060 x13

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